"Why do I even watch brewer baseball anymore" "Losing to the Diamondbacks, what a trash team" - Milwaukee Brewers fans disheartened by shutout loss to Arizona Diamondbacks

Milwaukee Brewers v Arizona Diamondbacks
Milwaukee Brewers v Arizona Diamondbacks

The Milwaukee Brewers were completely outplayed by the Arizona Diamondbacks, losing 5-0. This was a surprising result, as most expected the Brewers, who needed this win, to capitalize on the opportunity. Instead, the St. Louis Cardinals extended their lead in the National League Central without even playing a game.

The Diamondbacks may be six games under .500 and 29 games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers, but they are still playing with pride. Especially their starting pitcher in this game, Merrill Kelly. Kelly pitched for seven innings and gave up only four hits, while recording seven strikeouts. Of course, he also helped secure the shutout victory.

This loss was a heartbreaker for Milwaukee Brewers fans, who saw it as a winnable game.

@Brewers Y’all are pathetic. Why do I even watch brewer baseball anymore

The once-high hopes of the Brewers fanbase have come crashing down to Earth after this loss.

@Brewers Well this team is consistent. Consistently going backwards that is. Implosion continues with this club. Have fun watching the playoffs from your houses!

If the Brewers cannot beat the Arizona Diamondbacks, that does not bode well for their playoff chances.

@Brewers Losing to the Diamondbacks, what a trash team.

The perceived lack of effort that comes with a shutout loss is always what hurts the most. Seeing none of the players be able to stop the offensive decline is incredibly demoralizing for the fans and the team. If the Brewers want to have any chance of winning their division, losses like these cannot continue to happen.

@Brewers Look guys, another god awful performance by this so-called professional baseball team. What’s fucking new
@Brewers This is getting ridiculous. Brewers cannot hit. PERIOD. This team needs a rebuild. Tied for 21st in Team Batting Ave.
@Brewers This team is ass

Despite having a winning record and a chance to make the playoffs, some see this season as a disappointment for the Milwaukee Brewers.

@Brewers It was a good season. Just kidding, no it wasn’t. Here’s hoping we don’t pathetically embarrass ourselves in 2023.

With only one month left in the season, the importance of each game is amplified.

@Brewers Way to step up in an extremely critical time of the season.

Fans who watched all the way through were disappointed by the lack of offense.

@Brewers Glad I stayed up to see all 0 runs!

At the very least, fans in Milwaukee will soon have a different team to let them down when it matters soon enough.

@Brewers Get a fucking clue. Hang up the season. It's football season. #GoPackGo #Booers

The Arizona Diamondbacks showed tremendous poise in their game against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Milwaukee Brewers cannot dwell on this loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks

Milwaukee Brewers v Arizona Diamondbacks
Milwaukee Brewers v Arizona Diamondbacks

With so little time left in the season, this loss is better forgotten for the Brewers. It is unlikely that there are any positives they can pull from the memory of this game. If the Brewers want to avoid that feeling again, they need to put forth a better effort. If they cannot go on a winning streak, they will have no chance at catching the St. Louis Cardinals.

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