"Why is that uniform floating?" - WWE legend John Cena's debut for Savannah Bananas amuses baseball fans

WWE Superstar John Cena & Savannah Bananas
WWE Superstar John Cena & Savannah Bananas

WWE legend and former high school baseball player John Cena revisited the diamond on Saturday with the fun and exciting Savannah Bananas. If you are unfamiliar with the Bananas, think of the Harlem Globetrotters, but baseball.

The team does not play the standard version of baseball. They play a style called "Banana Ball." The game has a strict time limit, and the scoring is similar to golf. The team that scores the most runs gets one point. They often bring in special guests to make appearances, as Cena did on Saturday.

This was the first time Cena had been on a baseball diamond since he was 15. He had a unique stance before ducking the pitcher. It almost looked like a bodybuilding version of Kevin Youkilis.

Cena could not secure a walk despite making his strike zone minuscule. That is one strikeout the opposing pitcher will never forget.

"Why is that uniform floating?" one fan posted.
"What a champ!" another fan posted.

Seeing John Cena take an at-bat with the Savannah Bananas was amusing for fans. Things like this are exactly what makes this team unique.

After his strikeout, Cena nearly took out the opposing pitcher before raising his hand and congratulating him. Seeing somebody as famous as Cena and the Bananas cross paths was an all-around cool moment.

John Cena is not the only famous person the Savannah Bananas have featured

Savannah Bananas v The Party Animals (Image via Getty)
Savannah Bananas v The Party Animals (Image via Getty)

John Cena is not the only legend the Savannah Bananas have invited to play with them. There have been loads of MLB legends who have taken the diamond and feel like they are a kid again.

One of these players is former San Francisco Giants ace Barry Zito. He pitched multiple times for the Bananas alongside other former big leaguers like Dee Strange-Gordon, Johnny Damon, Heath Bell, and Jonathan Papelbon.

The Bananas have invented a space that appeals to multiple types of baseball fans, including those who are not fans of the sport. There is a reason it is close to impossible to get a ticket to their games.

If you ever get the chance to check out one of their games, which they typically broadcast on their YouTube channel, do it. It is something unique and fun for the whole family.

The Bananas will be touring across the country until their season comes to an end in October.

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