"Wish this was an option for every game" "Huge upgrade for both broadcasts" - MLB fans enjoy the unique presentation of Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royals experiment, a broadcast without commentary

Fans are enjoying today's Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers commentator-less broadcast.
Fans are enjoying today's Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers commentator-less broadcast.

The matchup between the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals is being broadcast without any commentary, and MLB fans are loving it. This game is being broadcast on Peacock, the NBC streaming service, and highlights the sounds of the game instead of booth discussion.

This is a unique way to watch the sport and really makes you feel like you are in the ballpark. While it is unsettling at first, once you get used to the silence, it becomes very enjoyable.

Jomboy Media posted a clip of the game without commentary to their Twitter.

Today's Royals-Tigers game features no play-by-play or color commentary. Just the natural sounds and ambiance of the game and ballpark.

While this is unlikely to become the norm for MLB broadcasts anytime soon, many would embrace it as an option. As technology advances, it makes sense to provide different ways to enjoy sports. This could be the newest innovation.

@JomboyMedia Wish this was an option for every game.

Commentators have the extremely difficult job of having to cater to both hardcore fans and a casual audience. Sometimes, they fail to please either. This sounds of the game style could completely eliminate commentators from the equation and allow the game to speak for itself.

@JomboyMedia Huge upgrade for both broadcasts

This unique broadcast excites fans across the MLB. Many are watching this game that they otherwise would have skipped.

MLB fans enjoy the ambience of the stadium in this experimental broadcast

Vinnie Pasquantino celebrates a solo home run, Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers.
Vinnie Pasquantino celebrates a solo home run, Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers.

While this style of presentation is not for everybody, most are happy the league is at least trying new things. This has been attempted previously but only for half an inning, not a full game like this broadcast.

@JomboyMedia They did this for a half inning on the Mets rangers Apple TV broadcast and it was actually pretty enjoyable and peaceful

Not everybody who tuned in was a fan of this move. It is so different from what people are used to that it takes time to catch on. For this reason, it is likely this will become at best a regular option instead of the expected broadcast method.

@JomboyMedia I lasted 3 minutes. If the game wasn’t compelling enough, the riveting interview at the concession stand tried it’s hardest. Alas, it was not to be.

This is also an interesting game to try it on, as the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals are not competitive this season. Perhaps this is to keep the sample size small rather than trying it on a more popular MLB teams game like the New York Yankees.

@JomboyMedia I get it. It would be too hard to talk about a Tigers/Royals game for 9 innings

Using small market teams for this experiment also misses crowd reactions, as the stadium is not even close to full. If there were more fans reacting loudly to every play as it happens, this broadcast would be much more enticing.

@JomboyMedia I don’t understand doing this for a game where the stands are half full on a Saturday. Do this on a Wednesday in San Diego when it’s a sellout and the stands are packed.

This is such a unique way to watch a game, and one of the rare times that the MLB is ahead of all other leagues. If this style becomes popular enough, we could definitely see it replicated across North American sports.

@JomboyMedia I’d pay way extra to watch NFL like this

Fans are certainly enjoying the commentary-free broadcast Peacock is putting on, and it could be the next big thing. If fans respond to this the way the MLB hopes, expect to see this option many more times during the season.

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