"Wow the Cubs are rolling" "Highlight of the year?" - Chicago Cubs fans in awe of Seiya Suzuki's clutch inside-the-park home run to take the lead over Milwaukee Brewers 

Seiya Suzuki beats the throw to the plate.
Seiya Suzuki beats the throw to the plate.

Seiya Suzuki reintroduced himself to the Chicago Cubs fanbase with an electric play to give his team the lead over the Milwaukee Brewers. The ninth-inning inside-the-park home run required both power and speed. Suzuki owned both. The star outfielder has been out since May with Injury, and this was his first game back.

The MLB posted a video of the highlight to Twitter.

A go-ahead ITPHR for Seiya Suzuki.

This play came at the perfect time for the Chicago Cubs and will be watched for a long time after the conclusion of the game.

@MLB @BarstoolBigCat Highlight of the year?

The Chicago Cubs are far behind in the race for the National League Central. After winning four of their last five games, they are heating up. With the return of Seiya Suzuki, fans are optimistic about the team for the first time in a long time.

@MLB Wow the Cubs are rolling

The Cubs have struggled to find an identity since winning the World Series in 2016. Seiya Suzuki is not the answer to all their problems, but fans are buying into the idea that he could be a franchise cornerstone.

Seiya Suzuki gave Chicago Cubs fans something to cheer about against the Milwaukee Brewers

Cubs star Suzuki in full sprint
Cubs star Suzuki in full sprint

A clutch play like this electrified the fanbase and left many in shock at what they witnessed. The MLB provides many opportunities for special moments to happen throughout the season. Fans often hope to see signature plays like this.

Definition of "you never know what you're gonna see at the ballpark today", this was WILD.…

Seiya Suzuki joins Hall of Famer Billy Williams in the record books. This achievement is so rare for the Cubs, it hasn't happened since 1961.

Go-ahead inside-the-park home run in 9th inning or later, Cubs in expansion era (since 1961):Seiya Suzuki Today, 9th inningBilly Williams 8/11/68, 15th inningBilly Williams 6/26/63, 14th inning…

The Milwaukee Brewers outfielder did not significantly misplay the ball. He just did not properly anticipate the ricochet. This would have been a tough play to make in the moment, but fans are still surprised it was able to happen.


The off-season acquisition of Seiya Suzuki was one of the biggest moves the Chicago Cubs made to improve their team. It seems to be working out. The Japanese phenom was playing well before his injury, and now he finds himself becoming a fan favorite.

How long before people start calling him Saint Seiya…

This play put the Cubs in a position to win the game and gave the fans something to talk about with optimism. Following Seiya Suzuki's improvement as the season continues might be the best part of their season.

Baseball, a ridiculous game, so great…

While the game didn't end in the Chicago Cubs' favor, this play will be remembered, even if the loss stings for awhile.

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