"You gotta be kidding me" "We are cooked" - New York Yankees fans in disbelief after Houston Astros star Jose Altuve homers on the very first pitch of the game

Houston Astros star Jose Altuve crushing a homer
Houston Astros star Jose Altuve crushing a homer
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Nathan Borkowski

The New York Yankees needed a bounce-back game against the Houston Astros after the no hitter, but Jose Altuve is not making it easy. Swinging on the first pitch of the game, Jose Altuve absolutely smoked a ball to left field for a home run.

This home run comes against Nestor Cortes, who has been having the best season of his career. Unfortunately for him, Jose Altuve had no interest in wasting time in this game, giving his team a 1-0 lead after only one pitch.

A video of the homer was posted to Twitter by Talkin' Baseball.

The Yankees might want to stop pitching to Jose Altuve

This continuation of the hot streak from the Houston Astros slugger is as entertaining for their fans as it is heartbreaking for New York Yankees fans.

This fan is almost in disbelief at how this game started for their team.

@TalkinYanks You gotta be kidding me. The pitching problems continues for the Yankees. Ugh #Yankees.

It is not often that a fan gives up on a game after only one pitch, but this user is ready to throw in the towel.

The New York Yankees are have been the best team in the MLB this season, but it seems the Houston Astros still have their number.

Jose Altuve and the Houston Astros have the New York Yankees down bad

Houston Astros slugger looks on against the Yankees
Houston Astros slugger looks on against the Yankees

Coming off the no-hitter of the previous game, the New York Yankees were hoping this would be a statement game for them. Jose Altuve decided to break up those plans as he managed to get the first say in this game.

Being a fan of a front-running team is a gift and a curse because it can make small stumbles feel like huge hurdles.

This fan is disappointed in his team's preparation, who they believe should have been ready for this situation.

@TalkinYanks He swings first pitch no matter where it is. Maybe don’t give him a BP fastball

The New York Yankees crowd has been hostile toward Jose Altuve, but their anger only seems to be fueling his swing. This fan calls for a change in tactics in dealing with the opposing superstar.

@TalkinYanks Extremely upset with the people at Yankee stadium still yelling fuck Altuve. Doing the complete opposite than helping

This fan is no longer enjoying this series.

@TalkinYanks Alright this ain’t funny anymore

This user has come to terms with the situation and is seemingly okay with it.

@Jared_Carrabis he owns us and i accept this fact

This fan hates what is happening, especially given what how the team is doing it.

@TalkinYanks Dude I hate getting humbled by the Astros

Starting off a game with a deficit like this is incredibly difficult to come back from. Being down a run so early in the game can lead some teams to give up quickly, so this is an opportunity for the home team to prove their resiliency.

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