Remembering the time Justin Verlander spilled the beans on air about his pre-game Taco Bell cravings

Justin Verlander - Source, Instagram
Justin Verlander - Source, Instagram

Justin Verlander once famously confessed on air to American television host Conan O'Brien that American food chain, Taco Bell, was his go-to snack as a part of his pre-game pitching ritual. The interview that aired in 2011 featured Justin Verlander spilling the beans when he was asked about his superstitious rituals before a game.


Justin Verlander maintained that the superstition was an occasion and that it would happen roughly once every five days.

"The night before, as you can tell by my amazing physique, I eat Taco Bell, every night" - Justin Verlander conceded to Conan O'Brien.

When quizzed further about what his go-to order was, Verlander cooly maintained that he had a specific food and it was more or less the same thing every time.

"Three crunchy taco supremes no tomato, cheesy gordita crunch, and a Mexican pizza no tomato, every time!" Verlander went on to tell Conan.

While Verlander's love for Taco Bell was quite evident, his disdain for tomatoes was crystal clear. Conan comically made sure to reinforce that towards the end of their conversation.

Justin Verlander concedes that Taco Bell if off the menu in 2014

Justin Verlander officially ruled out Taco Bell from his diet in an interview with 'Mets'd Up' in February 2014 after a disappointing 2013 MLB season by his extremely high standards.

"To be honest I haven't eaten Taco Bell in a long time. It is probably the right decision. But I think what happened was, the core surgery unfortunately led to me not having a not that great season. But that not great season allowed me to get rid of all the superstitions I had." Justin Verlander said while on the pod.

That was a very long time ago, however, and only Verlander knows what his equation is with the global food chain currently!

We can only hope that he's been enjoying his regular, the three crunchy tacos supremes with no tomato, cheesy gordita crunch, and a Mexican pizza with no tomatoes recently!

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