Shohei Ohtani Net Worth: A detailed breakdown of the Japanese phenom's contracts, endorsements, and investments so far

Shohei Ohtani v Oakland Athletics
Shohei Ohtani v Oakland Athletics
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Since entering Major League Baseball back in 2018, Shohei Ohtani has quickly risen to stardom because of his ability to both pitch and hit at an elite level. The two-way phenom is only 27-years-old, and will likely dominate the league for years to come. Ohtani, even at a young age, has already accumulated a significant amount of wealth from his yearly salaries and endorsements. Let's take a look into how much Ohtani's net worth is and what exactly makes up his wealth.

How much is Shohei Ohtani worth? - A look into his MLB contracts

Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics
Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics

As of 2021, Ohtani has a total net worth of roughly $14 million. Although his income comes primarily from his contracts with the Los Angeles Angels, he also makes money from numerous sponsors from top brands.

Ohtani joined Major League Baseball after signing with the Los Angeles Angels prior to the 2018 season. The contract he had for the 2018 season was worth $545 thousand, about normal for an international rookie deal. For the 2019 season, Ohtani earned $650 thousand, still similar to his initial season. Then in 2021, his salary increased to $3 million, and he is currently on track to make $5.5 million for the 2022 MLB season.

The sweepstakes is over! Shohei Ohtani will sign with the Angels, according to multiple reports.
"The sweepstakes is over! Shohei Ohtani will sign with the Angels" - @ FOX Sports: MLB

While this is not a lot compared to contracts of the likes of Bryce Harper and Ohtani's teammate Mike Trout, it is simply because of Ohtani's service time. Shohei Ohtani has been in the MLB for four seasons, so it makes sense that he makes this amount right now. Don't be surprised when Ohtani signs a mega deal, upwards of $250-300 million in a few seasons.

What about Ohtani's endorsements?

Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Angels
Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Angels

Over the years, Ohtani has accumulated multiple endorsements from both Japanese and American companies. As of 2021, he earns roughly $6 million from his endorsements in both countries. Some of the largest companies include ASICS, Oakley, and Topps.


Shohei Ohtani has been signed with ASICS since he was in Japan, and they provide him with everything he wears on the baseball field. This includes his cleats, batting gloves, fielding glove, and even his bat. In the 2020 offseason, Ohtani and ASICS worked together to make the first ever ASICS bat.


Ohtani joined Oakley in the summer of 2020, and they provide him with sunglasses he wears on the baseball field.

Check out Shohei Ohtani's new Oakley collection ๐Ÿ”ฅ
"Check out Shohei Ohtani's new Oakley collection" - @ Baseball America

He also has his own exclusive line with Oakley, which includes frames with traditional Japanese patterns to honor Ohtani's heritage.


Ohtani signed with Topps just before his rookie season in March of 2018. Topps featured an exclusive autographed memorabilia deal upon his signing, which gave fans the opportunity to own licensed Shohei Ohtani autographed merchandise. Since then, Topps has made multiple exclusive Ohtani baseball cards as well.

What's next for Ohtani?

Since Ohtani is so early into his baseball career, it makes sense that he has not received a large contract as of yet. Furthermore, it is very impressive that he has racked up so many endorsements from major companies only four years into playing in the MLB. In the next 2-3 seasons, Ohtani will likely sign a max contract of at least $250 million. He will also likely start investing in companies as a result of added wealth from a max contract. Shohei Ohtani is young. He has already earned a decent amount of money from playing and already has sponsorship deals from major companies, so the sky is the limit.

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