"Smh...this team is going nowhere." "So when are y’all gonna ship out Hader and Burnes to the Dodgers, Yankees or Red Sox?" - Milwaukee Brewers fans are disappointed over loss to Chicago Cubs

Milwaukee Brewers have lost two straight to the Chicago Cubs.
Milwaukee Brewers have lost two straight to the Chicago Cubs.

The Milwaukee Brewers have been a great team so far this Major League Baseball season. They currently have a 47-36 record, which has put them in first place in the National League Central. They are not alone, however, as the St. Louis Cardinals are on their tail and are just three games back.

The Brewers' have a well-rounded team and have found much success this season. Offensively, Milwaukee is fourth in the MLB in home runs with 116, and fifth in RBIs with 374. On the mound, the Brewers are top 10 in team ERA with a 3.75. They also lead all of baseball in strikeouts with 788.

Their entire lineup has been performing well, with standouts like Rowdy Tellez leading the way. They also have one of the most complete rotations in the MLB that features multiple All-Stars such as ace Corbin Burnes. They are currently in a good place as the All-Star break approaches.

The Brewers have gone 7-3 in their past 10 games played. However, this came to a quick halt after back-to-back losses to the Chicago Cubs, including a 2-1 loss earlier today.

Final: Cubs 2, Brewers 1

The Chicago Cubs are in rebuilding mode and have been mediocre this season. They were not expected to beat the Milwaukee Brewers. The first game saw the Cubs handily beat the Brewers 8-3.

@Brewers Smh...this team is going nowhere. Losing a series TO THE CUBS AT HOME! May as well start bringing up the young guys so they can get some experience. Oh, and fire Counsell.

Back-to-back losses to a bad team in a tight division race is definitely tough to see. It is no suprise Brewers fans are upset about the team's performance. Here is what Milwaukee fans had to say about today's loss to the Cubs.

Milwaukee Brewers fans devastated by late loss to Chicago

The Brewers got out to an early 1-0 lead in the fifth inning. However, the Cubs put up a run in the eighth and a second run in the ninth. It was Brewers closer Josh Hader who ultimately got the loss for the game.

@Brewers Keep bringing Hader into tie games, it’s clearly going so well.

The Milwaukee Brewers put up just one run and six hits this game. Many fans blamed the Brewers offense for the loss.

@Brewers Can we figure out situational hitting please and having some plate discipline please? Thanks
@packfansunited @Brewers Not a save situation. Offense isn’t doing it’s job. A pitcher can’t go an entire season never giving up a run.

This fan suggests the Brewers ship off Corbin Burnes and Josh Hader, two of thier best players.

@Brewers So when are y’all gonna ship out Hader and Burnes to the Dodgers, Yankees or Red Sox? Cuz they aren’t staying long term unless they’re getting a massive overpay

Fans also called for the Brewers to trade for another bat at the deadline. Since they put up just one run against the Cubs, this sounds like a good move.

@Brewers Please trade for a bat, the best average on the team is .260

It is going to be very interesting to see how the race for the National League Central between the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals plays out.

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