"This is my first baseman for the rest of his career" "This is why I hate the Yankees" - MLB fans divided over New York Yankees slugger Anthony Rizzo's anger-fueled cursing while playing against the Mets

Anthony Rizzo arguing the call with the umpires
Anthony Rizzo arguing the call with the umpires

The game between the New York Mets and New York Yankees got contentious after an angry outburst from Anthony Rizzo. The outburst was the result of a confusing play, where Rizzo ran to third base and was quickly sent back to first by the umpires. Apparently, a New York Mets defender said something to Rizzo that led to the fiery response.

The SNY Network posted a clip of the play on Twitter that led to the impassioned response.

The Subway Series between the two New York teams has always had an extra little spark, and things got personal very quickly.

Starting 9 posted a good angle showing Anthony Rizzo's displeasure as he was escorted back to first base.

This led to a classic case of each fanbase protecting their team. New York Yankees fans absolutely loved seeing this passion out of Rizzo, while New York Mets fans considered it very disrespectful.

With athletes this competitive, it is somewhat of a surprise moments like this don't happen more often.

Anthony Rizzo has been struggling recently with a batting average of just .221. This outburst could have been a venting of some frustration.

Rizzo has always played with his heart on his sleeve, even back in his time with the Chicago Cubs.

The Yankees recently came close to a similar confrontation with the Toronto Blue Jays, which was quickly quelled. The moment was not forgotten by Mets fans, who believe they have picked up on the trend.

Series' between the Mets and New York Yankees always have a special energy to them, and this matchup was no different.

Anthony Rizzo knows the New York Yankees need the series win over the New York Mets

New York Mets v New York Yankees
New York Mets v New York Yankees

The Yankees were once the best team in the MLB and seemed nearly unbeatable. Since the All-Star break, however, they have been playing like one of the worst teams in the league.

The series against the Mets is as close to a 'must win' as it can get in the regular season. The Yankees have lost six straight series and should be desperate to prevent the streak from getting to seven. Anthony Rizzo understands that, even if he lets his emotions get the better of him while in the moment.

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