“This team has ruined my life” “Yeah flush this series in the toilet” - Houston Astros school Seattle Mariners, fans share their anguish on Twitter

Seattle Mariners v Washington Nationals - Game Two
Seattle Mariners v Washington Nationals - Game Two

The Seattle Mariners just lost to the Houston Astros, marking a three-game sweep for Houston in their first series back after the All-Star break. Prior to the break, the Mariners were on a historic 14-game win streak.

New series starts tomorrow at 7:10 p.m. with Flexen on the bump.

Before Seattle won 14 games in a row, they seemed almost out of the playoff picture entirely. They were far out of the American League West and they were considerably behind in the AL Wild Card.

However, the Mariners now look like a completely different squad. They currently have a Wild Card spot and are just 12 games behind Houston. Although that seems like a lot, Houston has one of the best records in all of baseball.

@Mariners What day are the Astros better than the Seattle mariners???

Since the break, Seattle has hit a small road bump by getting swept by the Houston Astros. Even though the Mariners have been red hot, Houston showed in this series why they are top in the division.

@Mariners No respect for that 14 game win streak! Break out the brooms! 🧹🧹🧹 #disrespectful #sweptathome #LevelUp #GoStros #ThanksForPlaying
@astros i just smashed my 75 inch tv & now my my wife has left with the kids. this team has ruined my life. I'm gonna root for a team like the Astros that can win. Goodbye Seattle.

Houston outscored the Seattle Mariners 16-8 this series and they handly won each game. The Mariners offense seemed fine, but it was their pitching that disappointed them across the three games. Giving up 16 runs in just three games is very poor for any pitching rotation.

@Mariners Yeah flush this series in the toilet

Many fans were saying that this was a 'reality check' for the team as the Mariners were unstoppable leading up to this series.

@Mariners When I die, I want the entire Mariners team to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time

Nonetheless, the team is in a great position for the latter half of this season.

@Mariners we fought that series ill take it, go win the next series!

Should the Seattle Mariners buy at the deadline?

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers
Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers

Although it looked like Seattle was going to sell at the trade deadline, they could be in a position to buy now. Despite the fact that they're a very solid team, they could use a solid second baseman to round out their lineup. Starting for them right now is Adam Frazier, who is batting .240 with just a .612 OPS.

@Mariners Go get Soto or Reynolds now.

On the mound, their starting rotation has been great so far. They currently have the sixth lowest ERA in Major League Baseball with just a 3.58. Perhaps just one experienced arm in the bullpen could round them out well.

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