"What is wrong with him?" "This is the most Javy Baez thing I've ever seen" - MLB fans roast Detroit Tigers slugger Javy Baez for attempting to hit a ball that bounced in front of the plate

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox

Javy Baez is one of the most uniquely entertaining players in the entire MLB, and he proved that with this at-bat. Baez attempted to score a hit on a pitch that had bounced in the dirt. This, of course, did not work out well for him. The play was ineffective against the Cleveland Guardians.

Jomboy Media posted a clip of the fruitless attempt from the Detroit Tigers slugger to Twitter.

The Detroit Tigers and their fans have not been too pleased with their recently underperforming All-Star. Javy Baez currently has a WAR of 0.9, and a batting average of .227. Both are significantly below his career averages. This play was the most recent example of his poor performance.

While this attempt might seem unique, it is on par for the course with Baez. While success was bleak at best, it was wildly entertaining.

This might not have been the best big-league decision, but it would have been brilliant in another sport.

Even while with the Chicago Cubs in the prime of his career, Baez was trying to make strange plays similar to this.

When moments like this work out, Baez is an All-Star. When they don't, he understandably gets roasted.

This is a baseball moment that is fun to watch, and will be remembered. However, if you are a Tigers fan, it'll probably be remembered for the wrong reasons.

Javy Baez led the MLB in strikeouts in 2021 with 184. He is hoping to avoid repeating that feat this season.

This style of play is infuriating when it doesn't work, but wildly entertaining when it does. If the ball had somehow landed in the outfield and been a base hit, the reaction would have been entirely different. Some (likely biased) fans hope that Baez never gives up on making plays like this.

Javy Baez took some shots from an irritated fanbase, but it was largely done in good fun.

Javy Baez has not been the same player since leaving the Chicago Cubs

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox

In 2018, Baez was an All-Star and came in second place for MVP. He was also a key player for the Cubs in their World Series push. Since then, Baez has failed to live up to the lofty expectations fans have for him.

Thanks to his endearing personality and bold style of play, he will likely always be a fan favorite. While he may not regain an All-Star caliber level of play, he can still be a strong rotational player. The play was the latest excuse for fans who had high expectations for Baez to vent their frustrations.

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