4 mistakes BGMI players make in Miramar map during rank push

Avoiding mistakes during rank push in BGMI's Miramar (Image via YouTube: Xt Gaming)
Avoiding mistakes during rank push in BGMI's Miramar (Image via YouTube: Xt Gaming)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has several maps that players can choose from to experience the Battle Royale experience on their mobile devices. The game introduces updates at periodic intervals which brings into the game a new season.

The introduction of the new season paves the path for rank pushers to climb their way up to the Ace or Conqueror tiers. While most rank pushers play on Erangel, there are many who play on Miramar too.

Here's a look at the common mistakes players make while playing on the Miramar map:

What are the 4 most common mistakes BGMI rank pushers make in Miramar map?

1) Dropping in major cities


Miramar has plenty of vicinities to choose from as a drop location. However, rank pushers in BGMI often make the major mistake of dropping in major cities to gather enough loot for a Chicken Dinner.

With more loot comes the risk of encountering more enemies who are also attracted to major cities like Pecado, San Martin, Los Leones, Chumacera, el Pozo etc for the same reason. Rank pushers are advised to avoid hot-drop locations which will eventually help them earn more survival points.

2) Proning down in the open


Proning down in the open in Miramar is a huge mistake that rank pushers must avoid in the future to rank faster in BGMI. This mistake has become vital in Miramar as, unlike Erangel and Sanhok, the map is full of ridges and has the least greenery.

3) Not using vehicles for rotation


Rotating into the safe zone with separate vehicles for each squadmate has been popularized by BGMI Esports players. Rank pushers nowadays also try to follow this method. However, sometimes they make the mistake of not using vehicles for rotation.

This provides enemies with a clear shot which guarantees the rank pushers an exit from the match. Driving is hard in Miramar, but players must use vehicles for rotation.

4) Not using snipers and DMRs


The META of using two Assault Rifles or a combination of ARs and SMGs among rank pushers is very common. This acts as a great option for close-range and mid-range fights. However, Miramar is mostly based on long-range fights.

Rank pushers who avoid DMRs and bolt-action snipers miss out on the opportunity to pick up easy kills from far away by fitting an 8x scope on these guns.

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