4 tips to win 1v1 TDM fights in BGMI and PUBG Mobile (2022)

Learning tips to win 1v1 TDM fights easily in BGMI and PUBG Mobile (Image via Krafton)
Learning tips to win 1v1 TDM fights easily in BGMI and PUBG Mobile (Image via Krafton)
Samarjit Paul

Both BGMI and PUBG Mobile have become popular in the market for action games on mobile devices. Although the classic Battle Royale mode is the center of attraction, both versions of the game have different shorter modes that help players improve their aim and movement skills at close range.

Team Deathmatch (TDM) is one such mode that is generally played by players looking to improve their gun game and skills. Here's a look at some tips to win 1v1 TDM fights in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

Which are the best tips to win 1v1 TDM matches in BGMI and PUBG Mobile?

1) Choose the best loadout

Loadouts play a crucial role while playing TDM matches. Players have the option to choose a primary weapon, a secondary weapon (pistol), and any two types of grenades to choose from.


Although many PUBG Mobile and BGMI esports players have popularized the use of the classic M416 and a pistol, normal players can choose their best and favorite weapons with considerable damage to take down their opponents easily.

2) Use TPP properly

The Third Person Perspective (TPP) mode is far more popular than the First Person Perspective (FPP) mode among BGMI and PUBG Mobile players.


Using the TPP guarantees a player's best performance thanks to better visibility. Players using TPP can easily take down an opponent rushing out in the open, thereby giving them an added advantage in 1v1 TDM fights.

3) Use pre-fire effectively

The use of pre-fire has become more popular with every passing day. This can be seen in both Classic matches as well as in custom TDM 1v1 matchups.

Pre-fire greatly helps players reduce opponents' health before they can take any cover. This obviously allows players to push their opponents and take them down easily.

4) Use different movements to disturb opponents' aim

The usage of different trigger movements while firing is generally seen in the playstyles of many BGMI and PUBG Mobile players. Among the different movement types, the 'sideways jiggle' movement has possibly become the most famous. Other popular movements that can help players win 1v1 TDM fights are crouch and shoot as well as the classic prone movement.

Note: The points mentioned in the article are in no particular order and reflect the author's views.

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