40 best BGMI user ID names for new Battlegrounds Mobile India players

Best Battlegrounds Mobile India user names
Best Battlegrounds Mobile India user names

Battle royale enthusiasts in India are gleefully diving into Battlegrounds Mobile India (Early Access). After a long absence of the crowd favorite PUBG Mobile, players are thrilled to see the gameplay and game mechanics of BGMI being similar to the global version of PUBG Mobile. However, there are some notable changes in the regional version.

But in terms of similarities, like PUBG Mobile, players can set quirky names as their user ID names in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Name generator sites like,, etc., are some available options on the web as the Android keyboard is not equipped to customize a name with unique symbols.

Nonetheless, this article will list a few unique ID names that BGMI players are free to use.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India user ID names should be unique and eye-catching

1. ₣ℜøźєη•₣ℓα₥єֆ

2. Hยrrเςคภє

3. ƧภiƤeя

4. R☢ck𝓝Roll

5. ༺₦Ї₦ℑ₳༻

6. TyЯaŇŇy

7. ☠︎₭iℒℒℰℛ☠︎

8. 乇η͢͢͢igмα


10. PANDA🐼

11. 𝓛egendarψ

12. ❅Dα͢͢͢uήτless❅

13. 乂ᴳᵒᵈ࿐

14. ꧁ Ɠɾìʍ Ꝉҽąժҽ͢͢͢ɾʂ ꧂

15. ʙlack ғlower 🖤

16. ₱Ⱨ₳₦₮ØM

17. Va₥קıℝe

18. H¥DRA

19. ßレλςӄ༒ຟ⊕レቻ

20. AຮຮꫝAຮຮᛨℵ

21. ☆Ģøđ øf wäř☆

22. є҉Ⲙutant͢͢͢

23. དĞŁĂĐÏ ŤØŘ ཌ


25. ꜱʜᴏᴛᴿᴬᴳᴱ

26. Strᴀnger☼

27. Tΐtสή

28. ₷ⱣΛɌ₮Λ₡Ü₷

29. CⱥŇd͢͢͢or

30. ➢Iήsͥⱥnͣeͫ

31. √ɨʀմ₷

32. Ðrสcմlส⚘

33. H҉A҉C҉K҉E҉R҉

34. ≋Mα𝔠hiήe G𝓊ήήer≋

35. BeͥŇeͣvͫoℓe҆

36. Ⲙelo∂y

37. 巛千ΣΛЯᄂΣƧƧ◥

38. ░RøЩdy

39. íɑʍJoψful꧂

40. G𐍉dfΛther

Players set up a username after logging in to Battlegrounds Mobile India for the first time. Changing the name later will require a Rename Card. They can be purchased from the in-game shop.

Gamers also have the option of receiving a Rename Card for free. To claim it for free, complete missions and events in Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, keep in mind that players can change their name once per day. Moreover, the Rename Card is a single-use item.

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Edited by Srijan Sen
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