5 best loadouts for Solo vs Squad fights in BGMI

BGMI players should know which loadout to use in solo vs squad (Image via Sportskeeda)
BGMI players should know which loadout to use in solo vs squad (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a shooter battle royale in which players not only need survival but shooting skills as well. The game allows players to play solo, duos, and squads of four. Players can also play BGMI as solo vs squad or solo vs duo.

Players looking for more kills or to up their game usually tend to jump into Solo vs Squad. It can be a great way for players to increase their KD ratio as well as their skills in BGMI. But being alone also means they should choose their loadouts accordingly.

This article will guide players on the five best loadouts for Solo vs Squad fights in BGMI.

Loadouts suitable for Solo vs Squad fights in BGMI

1) AKM and M416 loadout

If players are looking for an all-rounder loadout in BGMI, then the AKM and M416 should be the way to go. Both weapons can easily help players to melt down enemies during close and mid-range combat situations.

These weapons have high damage numbers and possess good accuracy that is needed when players are engaging in a squad fight alone. Players can use attachments such as Extended Quickdraw or a Compensator to these weapons for better results.


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2) Beryl M762 and M416 loadout

BGMI is a game that rewards players for their accuracy and skill. Players who like the thrill and the rush of close combat and should prefer this loadout. The Beryl M762 is a powerful assault rifle good for medium-range combats. The gun's recoil is something that players will need to control and take care of when using it in full auto.

M416 is an all-weather gun that can be used in any type of situation in BGMI. It has a higher rate of fire than Beryl M762 and is also more stable. However, in terms of the rate of fire, players will see the Beryl M762 takes the upper hand here.


3) DP-28 and UZI loadout

If rushing and taking down enemies is what players are looking for, then the Micro UZI can be the best choice in BGMI. The gun has an insane rate of fire and can fry enemies in close-quarter combat situations. For context, this gun can spill out 21 bullets in just one second. It also has great stability and faster reload speed.

The DP-28 can be used by players during mid-range scenarios to knock down one or two squad members before rushing in. The gun is fairly stable and has good damage. Players can also use attachments like optics to spot enemies from a distance.


4) AKM and S12K loadout

This loadout can be used by players who prefer mid to close-range engagements. Both weapons excel in mid-range combat and can be a great choice for wiping out the whole squad.

AKM comes with high damage and can be a beast if the player knows how to control the recoil. Close range encounters can also be dealt with easily as the bullet velocity of the gun is quite high.

S12K is a semi-auto shotgun with relatively low damage of 22. The specialty of the gun lies in the ammo capacity. Players can use an Extended Mag that will provide them with eight shots. If shot correctly, it can easily damage a Level 3 armor in 2-3 bullets.


5) DP-28 and SCAR-L loadout

Lastly, the DP-28 and SCAR-L loadout can be a great setup in BGMI for players looking for 1v4. Both guns are versatile and well-balanced.

SCAR - L is extremely customizable and can be fitted with a range of weapon attachments. It is very stable even in full auto mode and can be a solid option for most cases in the game.

DP-28 is an excellent weapon for long as well as mid-range encounters. It offers a high damage rate as well as stability. Players can use this shot by shot to take down distant enemies with ease.


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