BGMI vs COD Mobile: 5 major differences between the games

BGMI and COD Mobile have their own unique features (Image via NoobFeed)
BGMI and COD Mobile have their own unique features (Image via NoobFeed)

When it comes to mobile gaming, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and COD Mobile have become household names. Both titles enjoy a rich player base and have become immensely successful within the mobile battle royale genre.

While both might be shooting-based player vs player (PvP) titles, some subtle unique differences make them stand out. It all boils down to a player's choice in terms of what game they fancy or what appeals to them.

In this article, players will learn about the five major differences between BGMI and COD Mobile.

Key differences between BGMI and COD Mobile that players should know

1) Weapons

Weapons are crucial aspects of both BGMI and COD Mobile and a distinctive feature as well. While the two games focus on imitating real-world weapons and use cases, both have different approaches as well as weapons.

While BGMI lets players use an SMG weapon for long-range engagements if appropriate attachments are used, COD Mobile does not. In COD Mobile, players will need to use the weapon correctly for it to perform. Recoils and mechanics of weapons also differ in both games.


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2) Maps

Another thing that makes both the games apart is their maps. The newly introduced BGMI has a different assortment of maps that are a bit bigger than COD Mobile. BGMI has maps like Erangle, Sanhok, and Miramar to name a few while the developers might also introduce new maps to the game.

On the other hand, COD Mobile launches different maps from one season to another. This not only makes the game feel new and refreshing but also provides players with options to choose from. Some of them are Nuketown, Killhouse, Takeoff, etc.

Map choices in BGMI (Image vis Smartprix)
Map choices in BGMI (Image vis Smartprix)

3) Graphics

Graphics play a significant role in immersion and making the game feel true to life. BGMI, the new game in town, has a significant improvement in its graphics and detailing. But when compared to the mature COD Mobile, the latter wins by a fair margin. COD Mobile has some of the best graphics and attention to detail than any mobile game.


4) Game modes

Next up are the game modes that both the games feature. When it comes to BGMI, players can enjoy Classic Battle Royale, Arcade, EvoGround, and Arena game modes. All these are different types of PvP matches that players can choose and play. For example, in arena mode, players can team up and play 5v5 matches against other teams.

COD Mobile offers players game modes such as Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search & Destroy, Gunfight, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, and Free for All. These game modes have different objectives that players need to perform to win. Some of them are objective-based, while in some, players need to race against the clock to win.

Game modes in COD Mobile (Image via GamingonPhone)
Game modes in COD Mobile (Image via GamingonPhone)

5) Gameplay

Lastly, gameplay is another difference that players will observe when playing BGMI and COD Mobile. BGMI has slow-paced gameplay when compared to COD Mobile.

While players can experience thrills and excitement if they land onto hot drop locations in BGMI, the middle and late portions of the game are slow. COD Mobile, on the other hand, is much faster and full of action. The game has one thing or another going on during a match which keeps the players on their toes and makes the game interesting.


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