5 best upgradable BGMI gun skins in 2021

Knowing the best upgradable BGMI gun skins (Image via YouTube: Fruitcakee)
Knowing the best upgradable BGMI gun skins (Image via YouTube: Fruitcakee)
Samarjit Paul

Ever since its release earlier this year, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has amassed over 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store itself, quite clearly showing the game's popularity. With such a large player base, the developers Krafton routinely release new gun skins to keep the community happy.

Besides a few classic players, various YouTubers and esports players have the knack of unlocking gun skins spending UCs. Among the ones available in BGMI, some gun skins stand out.

Which are the 5 best upgradable BGMI gun skins in 2021?

1) Glacier M416


The Glacier M416 is quite possibly the most popular gun skin in BGMI. Since most players prefer to use the M416 in the game, this skin has gradually proved its mettle. The Glacier M416 is the only upgradable gun skin that can be obtained by players who play the game for free.

The Glacier M416 can be obtained from the classic crate and can be upgraded to 7 different levels.

2) The Fool M416


Players who spend a lot of money on the game choose to equip their M416 with either the Glacier or the Fool skin. Fool's M416 was the second M416 skin to be introduced in BGMI.

Like Glacier, Fool's M416 has seven different upgrade levels. However, the final form of the gunskin on Level 5 shows a tongue playfully sticking out of the fool's mouth visible on the gun, definitely making for a cool cosmetic. At level 7, the enemy loot crate upgrade features a jack-in-the-box effect.

3) Desert Fossil AKM


The AKM is probably the most used gun with 7.62mm ammo and its Dessert Fossil skin was one of the first to be introduced to the game.

Upgradable till Level 7, Desert Fossil AKM's Finish effect on upgrading to Level 2 is one of the most unique, creating a bright red fire that dissolves into fiery smoke and leaves behind the enemy's crate. The upgraded skin shows the fossil of a dinosaur.

4) Gilded Jade Dragon DP 28


Gilded Jade Dragon DP28 became an instant hit a few weeks ago as many BGMI YouTube streamers and content creators decided to spin to get it, spending plenty of UC in the process.

The gunskin is only upgradable till Level 5. The final form of the gunskin at Level 5 shows off the vibrant gold, blue, and purple colors of the gunskin.

5) Godzilla AWM


Godzilla AWM is probably the best gun skin that has appeared in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. The gunskin is based on the infamous sea monster from the Godzilla franchise.

The gun can be upgraded till Level 7 and both the gun skin and the loot crate show bright blue light moving across the weapon, quite similar to the monster's iconic atomic breath.

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