5 BGMI locations to find Sukuna Fingers on Erangel

Exploring the themed mode Erangel map in BGMI in search of Sukuna Fingers (Image via Krafton)
Exploring the themed mode Erangel map in BGMI in search of Sukuna Fingers (Image via Krafton)

The latest February update in BGMI has brought in a new theme mode to celebrate the game's collaboration with popular Japanese manga series, Jujutsu Kaisen. Just like every other collaboration mode, the Jujutsu Kaisen mode too has several new features that elevate the players' gaming experience.

The C2S4 Cycle memories have incorporated a new mission which requires that players find Sukuna Fingers and obtain the C2S4 Jujutsu Sorcery fantasy title. Sukuna Fingers can be found inside super crates available in different locations on the themed mode maps.

Different locations where Sukuna Fingers can be found on BGMI's Erangel map

1) Prison


The Sukuna Finger available inside a super crate can be found on the rooftop of the main building in the Prison. The news of Sukuna Finger in the locality has resulted in more players dropping into the Prison.

2) School


The popularity of the School in Battlegrounds Mobile India has increased massively due to the presence of the Sukuna Finger in the swimming pool area, which is located in the adjacent building of the main School compound.

3) Military Base


Several buildings are present in the Sosnovka Military Base attract players due to the great loot present in them. However, in the latest Jujutsu Kaisen mode matches, players have been dropping down close to the tower to get their hands on the Sukuna Finger present in a super crate lying close to a pillar.

4) Pochinki


Pochinki lies in the heart of the Erangel map and is one of the busiest cities as a lot of players prefer dropping into the area to gather loot and indulge in drop fights. The only Sukuna Finger present in Pochinki can be found just outside the main city, inside a tunnel situated in the northeastern corner of Pochinki.

5) Ruins


Ruins is among the most neglected areas on the entire map of Erangel. However, in the latest theme mode matches in BGMI, players have flocked to the area to obtain the Sukuna Finger lying close to the tallest wall of the broken castle.

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