5 tips to get more headshots in BGMI and PUBG Mobile

Tips to land more headshots (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tips to land more headshots (Image via Sportskeeda)
Samarjit Paul

The battle royale genre has gained popularity on mobile devices primarily due to the success and emergence of BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

Fights are an essential part of any battle royale game and can take place at different ranges. Connecting headshots to bring down enemies is of paramount importance in PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India. Here's a guide to getting more headshots that will enable players to earn victory in classic BR matches.

How can players increase the odds of landing headshots in BGMI and PUBG Mobile?

1) Hold the phone in the correct posture while playing with the gyroscope turned on


The gyroscope is an in-built sensor that helps with accurate aim. Therefore, it becomes imperative for players to hold the phone in the correct posture and play while sitting, as playing while lying down disrupts the performance of the gyroscope.

2) Turn on the Aim Assist feature


The Aim Assist feature present in BGMI and PUBG Mobile can considerably change the gaming experience of players. Keeping the Aim Assist feature on aids in automatically shifting aim towards the enemies' heads.

3) Spend time on the Training Ground

The Training Ground in BGMI and PUBG Mobile is the perfect place to improve aim and gun skills. Players can choose from a wide range of guns, attachments and scopes to try and hit the dummy targets present in the vicinity.

The moving dummy targets placed at different corners and varying distances help in improving the mechanical skills required to land headshots.

4) Choose the best attachments


Choosing the best attachments for each gun can also help in connecting more headshots, by improving the players' power to control the guns' recoil. While most 7.62 mm guns require minimal attachments, the guns using 5.56mm and 9mm ammo generally require more attachments.

BGMI and PUBG Mobile players must find the optimal attachments for each gun to get more headshots.

5) Play more arcade and arena matches

While arcade matches are the toned-down version of classic matches, arena matches help in improving the close-range combat skills of players. BGMI and PUBG Mobile players can play more arcade and arena matches where they try to land headshots, and this will eventually reflect in classic BR matches.

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