5 tips to win 1v1 TDM fights in BGMI (March 2022)

Eliminating enemies and winning more TDMs in BGMI (Image via Krafton)
Eliminating enemies and winning more TDMs in BGMI (Image via Krafton)

The Team Death Match (TDM) mode has gained popularity amongst BGMI players over time. This mode helps players improve their close-range fighting skills and overall game-sense. Most competitive players are seen playing TDM against other top players. This has resulted in many young talents emulating them to elevate their gun power in 1v1 fights.

BGMI players can follow the following advice to win 1v1 TDM fights

1) Choose high damage weapons


Battlegrounds Mobile India offers its players a wide range of weapons. However, while playing TDM, players must remember to select high damage dealing weapons in their loadout. Since 1v1 fights in TDM mainly involve close-range fights, weapons with high damage dealing capacity will help take down opponents easily.

Assault Rifles using 7.62 mm ammo and SMGs are best suited for 1v1 fights in TDM.

2) Use TPP


Most players prefer playing classic and TDM matches in Third Person Perspective mode over First Person Perspective mode. Therefore, the use of TPP becomes crucial during fights.

TPP helps players gain an advantage over their opponents by having a better view. They can knock down the approaching enemy by shooting them behind the cover.

3) Make proper use of pre-fire


Throughout the season, the use of pre-fire has gained considerable popularity. Pre-fire enables players to reduce their opponents' health before getting behind cover. The approaching enemy will see their health diminish even before they begin shooting, which will lead to their downfall.

4) Get headshots


Headshots are the most lethal and can change the course of a fight in a moment. BGMI players can head over to the in-game training grounds to practice hitting headshots. This can considerably increase their chances of winning 1v1 fights in TDM.

5) Use different movements to disturb opponents' aim


Players should not attempt to stand and shoot at opponents and win matches. Currently, players have improved so much that they need to move continuously while shooting. This will confuse the enemy and disturb their aim.

Players can either use the sideways jiggle, sudden prone, or diagonal jump to win fights in TDM.

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