Best BGMI gun combinations for Erangel map in February 2022

Choosing the best gun combinations to use in BGMI's Erangel map (Image via Sportskeeda)
Choosing the best gun combinations to use in BGMI's Erangel map (Image via Sportskeeda)

The developers of BGMI, Krafton Inc., incorporated as many as six classic mode maps into the game. However, the craze for Erangel is unmatchable as most players prefer treading on the battlegrounds of Erangel over others. This makes the in-game lobby more competitive.

Players with thorough knowledge of guns tend to win more matches over others. Since there are a lot of guns available in the game, it becomes necessary to know which guns can perform best in different ranges. This will help increase their kill tally.

Best gun combinations BGMI players can use to win more fights in Erangel

1) M416 and UMP 45


UMP 45 has emerged as one of the most destructive weapons in close-range fights. This is due to the buff it received in an update a few months back, resulting in the gun changing its ammo from 9mm to .45ACP. Since then, the weapon has been widely used by classic and competitive players.

On the other hand, M416 is considered the most stable gun in the game, best suited for laser-like sprays in mid and long-range. When both guns are equipped together, it forms a deadly combination, helping players win more fights in Erangel..

2) AKM and DP 28


AKM is one of the most popular guns in BGMI and can be found across different vicinities on the map of Erangel. The gun deals great damage in short-range combat, helping players finish more enemies in the process. Although it has high recoil, its base damage of 47 compensates for all its drawbacks.

Meanwhile, DP 28 is an LMG and is famous for burst fires. With 2-3 headshots in a single burst fire, it can knock any enemy. Both guns use 7.62mm ammo and compliment each other well, making them one of the best combinations to use on the map.

3) Scar-L and Kar 98K


The gun combination of Scar-L and Kar 98K is one of the best to be used by BGMI players on Erangel. While Scar-L is known for its stable sprays in mid-range and long-range fights, Kar 98K is a single-shot sniper capable of knocking down an enemy wearing a Level 2 helmet with a single bullet.

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