BGMI C2S4 Month 7 rewards, price, and more details

Exploring the different rank rewards in the new C2S4 RP in BGMI (Image via Krafton)
Exploring the different rank rewards in the new C2S4 RP in BGMI (Image via Krafton)
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BGMI is one of the most popular action games on mobile devices. Developed by Krafton, the game offers its players various items that elevate their Battle Royale experience. The monthly Royale Pass acts as the primary source of rewards for players who want to obtain new cosmetics with a onetime purchase.

The new Cycle 2 Season 4 Month 7 Royale Pass appeared in BGMI on January 17 and has already witnessed a lot of players purchasing the different versions. The introduction of the new RP has added to the craze of the new 1.8 update in the game.

Details about the C1S3 Month 7 Royale Pass in BGMI

Royale Pass Rewards


The Cycle 2 Season 4 Month 7 RP contains rewards for players who have successfully purchased either the Elite Pass or the Elite Pass Plus version of the Royale Pass. However, there are various rewards available for players who prefer to play the game for free.

These rewards can be redeemed upon completion of weekly activities or by purchasing ranks.

Here's a look at some of the best rewards offered by the Royale Guard Royale Pass in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

  • RP Rank 1: Goth Aviator Set, Midnight Lantern - DP28
  • RP Rank 5: Goth Aviator Cover
  • RP Rank 10: Gold Porcelain Helmet
  • RP Rank 15: Dislike emote (available also to players without RP), Golden Jade Stun Grenade, and RP Avatar (M7)
  • RP Rank 20: Crystal Egg Ornament
  • RP Rank 25: Orange Jumpsuit Outfit (available also to players without RP)
  • RP Rank 30: Gold Porcelain 2-Seat Outfit, Desert Warrior emote
  • RP Rank 35: Will of Steel - Uzi (available also to players without RP)
  • RP Rank 40: Golden Jade - M16A4
  • RP Rank 41: Desert Warrior Mask
  • RP Rank 50: Desert Warrior Set, Desert Warrior Cover

Royale Pass Price

In BGMI, the Royale Pass has two options - Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. While the Elite Pass is available at 360 UC, the Elite Pass Plus RP version is available at 960 UC. However, players who have purchased the RP once will get a 60 UC discount card that they can use for the next RP.

Players can either purchase the Royale Pass or request that their in-game friends gift them one.

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