BGMI vs Apex Legends Mobile: Which game has better graphics?

Comparing the graphics of BGMI and Apex Legends Mobile (Image via Sportskeeda)
Comparing the graphics of BGMI and Apex Legends Mobile (Image via Sportskeeda)

The addition of Apex Legends Mobile to the gaming market has given rise to debates comparing the game to BGMI. While Battlegrounds Mobile India is only available to players in India, Apex Legends Mobile is yet to launch in the country. The soft launch of the game has only happened in 10 different nations.

However, it is imminent that Apex Legends Mobile will be launching in India soon. Therefore, it becomes crucial for players to know which game will provide better visual effects to elevate their gaming experience.

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BGMI vs Apex Legends: Graphics comparison



Battlegrounds Mobile India has a designated Graphics Settings option available for its players. The developers have kept in mind that many gamers play the game on low-end devices, and therefore, they have designed the game accordingly.

Players can choose from different graphics options - So Smooth, Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR, Ultra HD, and UHD. They can even select the best FPS option for their phone from the various options like Low, Medium, High, Ultra, Extreme, and 90 FPS.

The General Graphics Settings (which includes Anti-Aliasing settings and Colorblind Mode) add to the thrill of the game. Players can even set different textured gradients to enhance their gameplay.

Apex Legends Mobile


Apex Legends Mobile has incorporated a designated Display Settings option in the main menu for players to set their graphics settings accordingly.

The Image Quality settings have different options for players to choose from - Smooth, Balanced, HD, Ultra HD, Extreme HD, and Original. Frame Rate Control settings can be set from the available Balanced, High, Ultra, and Extremely High options.

The Adaptive Smoothing, Dynamic Shadow, Character Halo, and Anti-Aliasing settings further add to the game's dynamic nature.



Comparing the Graphics settings of BGMI and Apex Legends Mobile, it can be seen that both games have tried to incorporate the best graphics to give the players an immersive experience.

The graphics settings of the latter are better for high-end phones (almost giving Xbox-like graphics). Hence, many gamers who play games on low-end devices will find Battlegrounds Mobile India better as they can play smoothly on the So Smooth option.

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