BMOC 2022: How to register for the BGMI esports tournament 

Awaiting for the registration process of BMOC 2022 to begin (Image via Sportskeeda)
Awaiting for the registration process of BMOC 2022 to begin (Image via Sportskeeda)

Developed by Krafton Inc., BGMI has contributed a lot to the rise of esports in India. Millions of fans have flocked to their mobile screens to witness their favorite teams battling it out to emerge victorious in tournaments and scrims.

Following the success of BGIS 2021, which saw over 600K teams register and peak viewership reaching up to 460K, Krafton has already announced the esports roadmap for the ongoing calendar year. Based on the announcement, the four tournaments will have a cumulative prize pool of ₹6 Crore.

With Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge 2022 set to be the first of the four tournaments, here are more details about the registration process and the tournament in general.

Details about the upcoming BGMI esports tournament: BMOC 2022 and its registration process

Registration process

According to BGMI casters, analysts, and popular YouTubers - Mazy and Ocean Sharma - the first tournament of the year on the Battlegrounds Mobile India esports circuit, although delayed a bit, will begin shortly.

They mentioned that based on official reports, BMOC's registration process will begin from March 14 and will continue till March 27.


Players willing to register for the tournament will need to visit the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India once the registration process begins. Furthermore, unlike BGIS 2021, this time around, teams will have to register as many as six players (four players on the main roster and two substitutes).

Players must keep in mind before registering that all six players should have reached level 25 and Platinum V tier on their in-game IDs. Mazy and Ocean added that since BGIS had hackers participating in the tournament, Krafton will issue strict actions if similar things happen in BMOC 2022. They even advised players to provide their original Aadhar Card as ID proof.

BMOC 2022 format

Open Qualifiers: The initial stage of the BGMI tournament will witness thousands of registered teams battling it out against themselves in classic matches.

Round 2: 512 qualified teams from the Open Qualifiers will make their way to Round 2, marking the beginning of the tournament.

Round 3: The penultimate round will witness 256 qualified teams from the second round fight amongst themselves to reach the final round.

Round 4: 64 qualified teams will indulge in exciting matches for days, with only the top 24 teams heading on to BMPS Season 1.

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