List of BGMI Esports tournaments in 2022

Going through the roadmap of BGMI esports in 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Going through the roadmap of BGMI esports in 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)

The rise in popularity of BGMI since its release in July 2021 has credited massively to the upliftment of Esports in the country. The Esports scenario of the game has reached millions of gamers across the country who flock to the YouTube channels of the tournament organizers to enjoy the thrill of the matches.

Krafton could not have stayed back, and the first major official tournament in the history of Battlegrounds Mobile India broke all records as it witnessed thousands of teams fighting it out amongst themselves to win the coveted prize pool of ₹1 Crore.

The tournament's success paved the path for Krafton to release the roadmap for the Esports tournaments in 2022.

What are the different BGMI Esports tournaments scheduled for 2022?

In a recent video released on the official YouTube channel and Instagram handle of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the developers announced four official tournaments lined up for the 2022 calendar year.


Here is the list of the four tournaments.

  1. Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC)
  2. Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 1
  3. Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS)
  4. Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 2

According to the announcement video, the four tournaments will have a culminating prize pool of a massive ₹6 Crore. While the two seasons of BMPS are set to hold a prize pool of ₹2 Crore each, Krafton has promised fans across the country that the second edition of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) will be bigger than last season.

While Skylightz Gaming won the inaugural edition of BGIS, GodLike Esports participated in the PMGC 2021 Grand Finals after fulfilling all criteria for being the only invited team from India.

This highlights the importance of the official BGMI Esports tournaments as it enables Indian teams to represent the nation in international tournaments.

Furthermore, the four tournaments announced by Krafton have been scheduled throughout the year so that BGMI players can balance between grinding on the battlegrounds and looking after their health.

It is to be seen how many new talents will make a name for themselves in the upcoming Esports tournaments and emerge as superstars who will represent the nation on the global stage.

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Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha