BMPS 2022: Everything we know about the upcoming BGMI tournaments so far

Learning more about official BGMI esports tournaments - BMPS 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Learning more about official BGMI esports tournaments - BMPS 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)

BGMI has played a significant role in the rise of esports and gaming in India. Since the game's release, every tournament has seen thousands of viewers flocking to the YouTube channels of the tournament organizers to follow their favorite superstars battling it out to emerge as champions.

Following the success of the first official tournament, BGIS 2021, which created records in terms of viewership, the developers of the game, Krafton Inc., have already announced the roadmap of Battlegrounds Mobile India esports in 2022. According to the announcement video, four official tournaments are scheduled for the year.

However, the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series will have two seasons. Here are more details about the tournaments.

Things to know about the upcoming BGMI esports tournaments: BMPS Season 1 and Season 2

According to Krafton, the two seasons of the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) will have a prize pool of 2 Crore Rupees each, which is set to be the highest prize pool for any esports tournament in India so far.

Based on the structure, it is seen that while BMOC is equivalent to PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO), BMPS is comparable to PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL).

So there is a high chance that this time around, the top teams from BMPS will make their way to PMGC 2022, unlike the last time when one team was invited from BGIS.

BMPS Season 1 is scheduled to begin as soon as the upcoming BMOC ends. The former is supposed to be the culminating event where qualified teams from the latter will fight against invited teams to be crowned champions.

BMOC format and road to BMPS Season 1

Open Qualifiers: The initial stage of the BGMI tournament will witness thousands of registered teams fighting it out against each other in classic matches.

Round 2: 512 qualified BGMI teams from the Open Qualifiers will make their way to Round 2, marking the beginning of the tournament.

Round 3: The penultimate round of BMOC will witness 256 qualified teams from the second round battle amongst themselves to reach the final round.

Round 4: The top 64 qualified teams will indulge in exciting matches for days, with only the top 24 teams heading to BMPS Season 1.

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