Does BGMI 1.7 update work on low-end Android devices?

Knowing device requirements for playing 1.7 update of BGMI (Image via Krafton)
Knowing device requirements for playing 1.7 update of BGMI (Image via Krafton)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) released a new 1.7 update on November 19. The 1.7 update brought in a lot of features and drove away some bugs and glitches that were present in the game. The update was introduced for both Android and iOS devices.

Many users have already downloaded and are playing the 1.7 update of BGMI, which is based on the Mirror World theme. However, there are several users who use low-end devices and are unsure about the update's device requirements, which have restricted them from installing the new update.

What are the minimum device requirements for the 1.7 update in BGMI?

BGMI can be played on many low-end devices. However, with the periodic updates, the requirements change, and some older models of certain devices stop supporting the game.

Here's a look at the device requirements for players to play the game.

  • OS: Android 5.1.1 or higher
  • Minimum RAM: 2GB
  • Minimum Free Space: 1.5 GB or more.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the new 1.7 update in BGMI will run smoothly on low-end devices having 2 GB of RAM. However, users playing on devices with 1GB of RAM can face frame drops and lags frequently.


What are the features added in the new 1.7 update?

New Anti-Cheat System

The new 1.7 update in BGMI witnessed the introduction of a new anti-cheat mechanism that players were desperately craving. The new anti-cheat system brought a potential end to the rise in the number of hackers in-game.

The anti-cheat system has resulted in the banning of nearly three million hackers. This enabled Krafton and BGMI officials to commence the much-awaited BGIS 2021.

C1S3 Month 5 Royale Pass

The new update also brought along with it the new C1S3 Month 5 Royale Pass to BGMI. The Royale Pass will follow the norms and will have a tenure of a month. Users purchasing the Royal Pass can obtain exclusive rewards until the M5 RP is live in-game.

Mirror World Theme

Another new feature in the update is the introduction of the Mirror World theme. The Mirror World theme can be seen in the game as a result of the major collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Arcane. Mirror World-themed maps are also introduced in the game.

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