Does using GFX tools in BGMI lead to an account ban?

Knowing if using GFX tools can get BGMI accounts to be banned (Image via Sportskeeda)
Knowing if using GFX tools can get BGMI accounts to be banned (Image via Sportskeeda)
Samarjit Paul

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has rapidly built a huge player base in India. With a large number of players using low-end devices, the use of GFX tools has increased.

The GFX tool tweaks the in-game settings to provide a lag free experience to low-end device users, which is considered illegal as it forcibly changes developer-established in-game code to do so.

Using GFX tools to change established settings in BGMI may lead to an account ban when detected

Are GFX tools illegal?

Krafton Inc. has brought in a new anti-cheat engine after the 1.7 update which has resulted in the ban of over 2.5 million hackers in-game.

Since the GFX tool fiddles with the algorithm-selected graphics and FPS settings that can result in a change in players' gameplay, Krafton has confirmed deeming GFX tools as illegal.

The 'Terms and Conditions' Section of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) clearly state:

use / develop / advertise / trade / distribute unauthorized programs, including but not limited to, any programs that intercept communication between a game and a game server; any unauthorized third party programs or hardware devices that may affect the game or normal game play, including but not limited to, mouse, hacks, cheats, helpers, bots, scripts, trainers, automatic programs, automatic mouse, mouse with macro function, programs that collect or modify game data by reading the game memory.

Simply put, use of any unsanctioned tools, apps or softwares that make the game work differently than safely feasible, are termed illegal and may lead to account ban.

How do GFX tools work?

GFX tools are third-party apps that are available on Google Play Store. Developers of BGMI - Krafton Inc., have gone against the use of any third-party apps to help the game (including GFX tools).

GFX tools enable BGMI users to unlock graphics and frame settings that are only available to high-end devices in-game. They do so by unlocking the HDR and Ulta HD graphics resolution settings. They also unlock the Extreme (60 FPS) and 90 FPS Settings giving away with the lag.

However, it must be mentioned that in doing so, they force the mobile phones to work beyond their limit. As a result, they may end up causing severe and long-lasting damage to the internal components.

GFX tools are available in both free and paid versions for BGMI in the Google play Store, and have their own updates following the game's patches to make the required changes and maintain effectiveness.


@XYourboyjj Please be advised that GFX tool usage is not permitted. Trying to unlock graphics options via unauthorized methods is not recommended. Not only may it harm your device, but it also violates our terms of service and will result in an account suspension when caught.

Above, an identical stance by the parent game, PUBG Mobile. However, Indian players are reminded that the original game is banned in the country, and they should play the specific title, BGMI.

Use of any GFX tools by a BGMI player will lead to an account ban sooner or later. Players may not only lose their saved progress, but may be in danger of physically damaging their devices. Some GFX tools may also contain code that can affect the system functions of mobile devices.

Krafton firmly holds its ground against the use of GFX tools for changing in-game details and mechanisms.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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