GtxPreet's BGMI ID, stats, F/D ratio, win ratio, YouTube income, and more

GtxPreet is pushing his rank in BGMI
GtxPreet is pushing his rank in BGMI's new and re-introduced C3S7 (Image via Sportskeeda)

BGMI has played a pivotal role in the rise of esports and gaming in India. It has helped several gamers make a name for themselves in the Indian gaming community.

Inder "GtxPreet" Preet is a renowned Battlegrounds Mobile India player and streamer. Thousands flock to watch his livestreams daily to learn more about the game. Amongst all his content, his rank push videos are the most popular.

Details of BGMI pro GtxPreet


Preet's sheer grit, determination, consistency, and hard work in BGMI rank push streams have influenced many gamers and helped him gather a huge fan following.

Fans can use his ID - 562486193, or his in-game name (IGN) - Gtx ツpreet, to find his profile. The special characters are added to his IGN to distinguish his in-game profile from the fake ones.

Seasonal stats and rank

Preet plays classic matches only when he livestreams BGMI on YouTube. On November 20, Cycle 3 Season 7 was re-introduced for the second time due to the restrictions on releasing new updates in the BR title. However, Preet has already reached the elite Ace tier within five days, accumulating 4418 points. If he continues to play daily, he will soon reach the Conqueror tier - a position he aims to reach every season.

Popular streamer GTX Preet has great stats in the re-introduced Cycle 3 Season 7 (Image via Krafton)
Popular streamer GTX Preet has great stats in the re-introduced Cycle 3 Season 7 (Image via Krafton)

Preet has already played 110 classic matches (TPP Squad mode). Along with his squadmates, he has reached the top ten in 77 matches. He also holds a win ratio of 26.4%, as he has only won 29 chicken dinners.

The rank pusher has managed to deal 105124.6 damage with an average damage of 955.7. Furthermore, he has maintained an impressive F/D ratio of 5.02 and has outclassed 552 enemies.

The popular YouTuber's insane marksman skills are evident in his headshot percentage of 16.5. He also has an average survival time of 16.7 minutes with an accuracy percentage of 10.3.

Note: Preet's stats were recorded when writing this article. However, since the season is only its first week, these stats are set to change in the upcoming days.

YouTube earnings

Preet is currently posited as one of India's most popular gaming YouTubers. The creator's main source of income is his YouTube channel, which currently has more than 1.89 million subscribers. Preet has uploaded 1350 BGMI gameplay videos and vlogs to his channel.

Based on the stats provided by Social Blade, Inder earned between $623 - $10K from his YouTube channel in the last 30 days. He has also garnered over 1.1K new subscribers and 24.9 lakh views during this period, highlighting his steep rise as a content creator.

Note: Since the government of India has suspended the title, Indian gamers are advised to refrain from playing the game.

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