How to ride the Air Conveyor in BGMI

The Air Conveyor is a newly added feature in BGMI (Image via BTV Plays YouTube)
The Air Conveyor is a newly added feature in BGMI (Image via BTV Plays YouTube)

BGMI has been a massive success for Krafton, who recently released a new update for the game. The latest Battleground Mobile India 1.5 update is one of the most significant ones, bearing modifications to maps, weapons, and other features.

One such newly added feature in BGMI is the Air Conveyor. Players can locate it in Ignition mode, which they can access via the Evoground mode.

The Air Conveyor in BGMI: Everything to know

First, a little context is handy. The innovative Air Conveyor is a launcher that shoots players up in the air in BGMI. Using this, they can travel great distances in Erangel within a few seconds.

It is a great and cool feature that will help gamers quickly rotate the map and get to places much faster. But before they can ride this futuristic new machine, they first need to find one.

Where to locate the Air Conveyor in BGMI?

As already mentioned, uses can only find these in the Ignition mode and not in Classic matches. The former will last until September.

These Air Conveyors are skillfully distributed throughout the map for players to find. Here are some locations that players can visit:

  • Tech center
  • Near Novorepnoye
  • Primark
  • Security Center
  • Kaminski
  • Stabler
  • Near Hospital

How to ride the Air Conveyor in BGMI?

To utilize the Air Conveyor in BGMI, players need to walk up to the machine. They will notice an option to enter it, and once they tap on it, users will be inside the conveyor.

In BGMI, gamers can adjust the inclination and orientation of the conveyor to reach their desired location.


As this is a newly added feature, there are chances that players might find a lot of contestants. So it is advisable to kill all opponents in the area before using the conveyor.

There is also a newly added mission in the RP section of BGMI that demands gamers ride Air Conveyors ten times. They can complete it to get RP rewards and move up the ladder.

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