List of all special characters in BGMI

Playing with all characters in Battlegrounds Mobile India (Image via Krafton)
Playing with all characters in Battlegrounds Mobile India (Image via Krafton)

BGMI has become one of the most downloaded and played action games in India since the game was launched in July 2021. The developers of the game, Krafton Inc., have introduced several cosmetics, items, events, rewards and characters to spice up the gaming experience.

With the game's main rival Garena Free Fire introducing several characters with special abilities, BGMI could not hold back. As a result, the game now contains as many as five special characters.

However, it has to be kept in mind that the exclusive abilities of these special characters does not change the classic BR experience.

Who are the special characters in BGMI?

1) Victor

Victor was the first special character to be introduced in the game. He is the most popular character and can be redeemed for free by exchanging character shards. Victor's emotes and clothes take up extra character shards while redeeming.

Being a hardcore SMG geek, Victor tweaks and modifies SMGs so that they require less reloading time while playing matches in the Evoground mode.

2) Sara


Sara was the first female character introduced by the developers in BGMI. However, she cannot be redeemed for free and requires either character shards or UC. Since female characters can often take cover behind thin trees, Sara's popularity grew over time.

As a vehicle expert, Sara is known for modifying vehicles to take less damage in Evoground mode.

3) Carlo


Carlo is reportedly the most stylish character in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The bounty hunter requires 1200 UC or the same number of character shards. Carlo's exclusive outfits match his style perfectly, with the Hunter Set outfit being the most popular among players.

Playing with Carlo in the Evoground mode matches reduces fall damage considerably.

4) Andy


Andy can be redeemed in exchange for 1200 character shards or 1200 UC. He reportedly has the fanciest set of emotes among all the special characters. Andy dons a sly look which suits his profession of a magician and puppeteer.

Andy is also one of the best special characters to use in the Evoground mode. Playing with Andy gives BGMI players the ability to equip and put away guns faster than others.

5) Anna

Anna is the latest character to be introduced in BGMI. Unlike Carlo and Andy, Anna only takes 600 UC or character shards to redeem. Anna's voice pack has already become popular among players in the community. However, Anna's exclusive skills are yet to be disclosed by the developers.

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