Why releasing BGMI Lite will be the right step for Krafton

Krafton should release BGMI Lite for its fanbase (Image via Sportskeeda)
Krafton should release BGMI Lite for its fanbase (Image via Sportskeeda)

BGMI Lite, as the name suggests, would be the lighter and more optimized version of BGMI. Although the latter was released in July 2021, a lighter version is yet to be released by Krafton, despite many users who previously played PUBG Mobile Lite eagerly awaiting its release.

The developer did hint at the release of BGMI Lite in a recent poll on Discord, requesting users to choose why they want the Lite version of the game.


Krafton releasing BGMI Lite will be right for the following reasons

1) Huge market


Since PUBG Mobile Lite was released a year after PUBG Mobile's release, this iteration has witnessed an ever-growing market in the mobile gaming community. This was primarily due to the massive number of users playing on low-end devices.

With BGMI being the official Indian version of PUBG Mobile, the game has had massive success in India. This paves the perfect platform for BGMI Lite to be released.

Many gamers in India play on devices with 1 GB and 2 GB RAM, and the lighter version of Battlegrounds Mobile India can skyrocket in popularity among these users.

2) Rise in competitive scenario


PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were banned in India despite having competitive scenes. The latter also grew a competitive scenario that began to thrive gradually, but the ban was a huge setback for its esports players.

Many players were grinding for hours every day to perform in tournaments, but to no avail. BGMI's release saw the rise in the BGMI esports scenario, with lots of users making a name for themselves and millions watching them on livestreams.

The release of BGMI Lite will be the right step for Krafton as esports players of this version will be motivated to strive towards winning tournaments.

3) Rise in in-game purchases


The introduction of BGMI saw users get their inventory from PUBG Mobile. This resulted in significant growth in the game as players got their inventory, UCs, and other in-game currencies.

The release of BGMI Lite will witness many gamers who invested plenty of money on their PUBG Mobile Lite inventory come back and play it. Winner Passes, gun skins, vehicle skins, and outfits in plenty were purchased by them. Getting them back will encourage users to make more in-game purchases.

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