"Again, it is not a ban, but an interim order": Skyesports' CEO Shiva Nandy positive about BGMI's comeback

Skyesports' CEO shared some views on the BGMI ban (Image via Sportskeeda)
Skyesports' CEO shared some views on the BGMI ban (Image via Sportskeeda)

It has been a few days since Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was taken down from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Government of India banned the game due to security-related issues. The events that happened in the past few days have garnered the attention of prominent esports influencers in India.

Skyesports; CEO/Founder, Shiva Nandy, is the latest to comment on the matter after he shared his views via Instagram Story. It also involved some revelations regarding the matter, including some reassurances. Nandy stressed that the application's removal was not a ban:

"Again, it is not a ban. Interim order."

Readers can find out more about what Skyesports' CEO wrote about the past few days' events in the following section.

Skyesports' Shiva Nandy reveals BGMI's removal from app stores had been in process for months

A screengrab of Shiva's story (Image via Instagram/shivamarvelnandy)
A screengrab of Shiva's story (Image via Instagram/shivamarvelnandy)

On his Instagram Story, Shiva Nandy wrote about the government's decision to remove Battlegrounds Mobile India from the App Store and Play Store. According to him, the move was not on-the-spot but more of a well-thought process that took five months to implement.

Nandy also revealed that the Government of India notified Krafton by sending a notice at their headquarters a week before the move. Here's what was written in the story:

"It was not an immediate action. It was in the process for almost five months. In fact, one week before removing the game from the Play Store, an interim notice was sent to Krafton HQ by the government."

He further wrote how the organization stopped a major payment to Skyesports League because of a hint:

"Two days before the game was removed from the store, we got a hint, and that is why stopped most of the advance amount to be paid for the Skyesports League, LAN Delhi."

Shiva further added that BGMI might return as the government is gearing up to unban TikTok (according to sources):

"According to sources, Tik Tok is all set to make a comeback. In that case, BGMI will be back 100%. Hopefully, if everything goes well, there will be independence soon!"

In the end, the Skyesports CEO also stressed that BGMI is not banned, as he wrote the the decision wasn't a ban, but an interim order.

Shiva's Instagram story might have excited many fans, but they shouldn't be jubilant too soon as a recent report on the title's ban tells the opposite story. If recent reports are to be believed, then the Krafton-backed game may never get unbanned in India.

A senior government official from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has tagged the BGMI ban as an immediate move. Moreover, the official has also alleged that the game's servers were in contact (directly or indirectly) with servers in China.

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