Animesh "Thug" Agarwal explains why Team Soul’s BGMI roster will not shift outside India

Team Soul will not shift its BGMI roster outside India for now (Image via Sportskeeda)
Team Soul will not shift its BGMI roster outside India for now (Image via Sportskeeda)

Due to the removal of BGMI from Apple and the Google Play Store, some Indian esports organizations are currently planning whether to move to other mobile titles or shift their teams out of India. Apart from organizations, fans are also concerned about the future of their favorite teams/players and are eager to know about their plans.

India's most famous team, Soul, has no plans to shift its BGMI squad outside India to compete in the official PUBG Mobile tournaments, as revealed by the team's co-owner, 8bit Thug.

Why Team Soul will not shift their BGMI roster out of India

During his recent livestream, Animesh "8bitThug" Agarwal, one of the co-owners of S8UL Esports, stated that Team Soul will not shift its roster outside India for now. He explained why the organization has made this decision and also talked about the consequences if the team shifts out of India.


Timestamp: 15:12

Thug said:

"I have an understanding that could be wrong, but after a long thought, and after considering many factors, I think if we shift my four players out of India, I don't know how the system will work in the future. If BGMI doesn't return to India, and these four players continue to play in that country, and after some time, I won't get any other Indian talent for the team as the game won't be available here."

He further stated:

"If we send our four man-squad out of India with the mindset that these players will play for about five to eight months till their good form lasts, as every region now has tough competition. After that, we will have to sign players from outside for a replacement. Then the question arises whether the team would be an Indian team or become an international team. If it becomes an international team, then I would rather go ahead and take an international roster, but currently, I have no such plans."

Thug also said he is "very, very, happy for other teams" who have plans to shift their roster outside if the title doesn't return. He added that "they have the capacity, guts, and trust in their players." He felt that they were doing a "fantabulous job" and that he would "fully support them."

He concluded his statement by saying:

"If my decision goes wrong, then I would send Team Soul after six months. But right now, I think, for the boys, it's a transition phase. Let's get them to maybe New State soon or whatever."
Official Statement from Krafton

Following the Indian government's July 28 order, Apple and Google delisted BGMI from their respective stores. The game has a massive fan following in India.

A few months back, Krafton claimed that the game had more than 100 million registered users. However, the company has also said they have been working with government officials to resolve the issues.

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