BGIS 2024 Semifinals Week 1 Day 1: Overall standings, highlights, and more

Team XSpark performed well on Day 1 of BGIS Semifinals (Image via BGMI)
Team XSpark performed well on Day 1 of BGIS Semifinals (Image via BGMI)

Team XSpark captured first rank with 42 points after Day 1 of the BGIS 2024 Semifinals Week 1. The Shadow-led powerhouse displayed their consistency and also secured one Chicken Dinner in their three matches on June 6. Raven Esports, despite not winning a single game, held the second position on the overall scoreboard with 35 points. Zero Recoil got off to a nice start and ranked third in the table with 34 points.

MOGO Esports, led by Destro, too had a great opening to the BGIS Semifinals as the side claimed fourth rank with 32 points, followed by FS Esports and Insane. Entity Gaming and Team Aaru collected 27 and 26 points respectively. GodLike Esports had an average start, scoring 21 points.

Global Esports and Team Soul scored 14 and 13 points respectively. Carnival Gaming, led by Omega, collected only 10 points in their three games. Prime and Rivalry, who impressed with their results in the previous stages, had a poor start to the Semifinals as they took only eight and five points respectively.

Day 1 highlights of BGIS 2024 Semifinals Week 1

Match 1 - Erangel - Group A and B

Team Insane sealed a 19-point victory in the first match of the BGIS Semifinals. Team XSpark also made a convincing start as they garnered 13 points with the help of seven finishes. 7Shore and Carnival Gaming ensured ten and nine points to their respective names. Team Soul and GodLike got seven and four points respectively.

Match 2 - Miramar - Group A and C

MOGO Esports registered a brilliant 20-point triumphant in the second match. Global Esports and FS managed 12 and 10 points respectively. Hyderabad Hydras also had a good game, scoring nine points. Team Soul added only three points to their tally.

Match 3 - Sanhok - Group A and D

Zero Recoil was impressive in the third match as the lineup pulled off a commanding 23-point Chicken Dinner. Inferno and Voltx Gaming gained 11 and 10 points respectively. Team Soul yet again failed and took only three points.

Match 4 - Vikendi - Group B and C

Team XSpark emerged victorious in the fourth clash of the BGIS Semifinals with 23 points. GodLike Esports was also phenomenal and scored 14 important points. Team Tamilas and Raven Esports claimed 12 and 11 points respectively.

Match 5 - Miramar - Group B and D

Entity Gaming had a spectacular run in the fourth encounter, clinching a fine 20-point Chicken Dinner. Raven Esports earned 12 points, while Team 8Bit grabbed nine points. GodLike Esports accumulated only three points in this battle.

Match 6 - Erangel - Group C and D

FS Esports ended the first day of the BGIS Semifinals with a 20-point victory in the sixth game. Team Aaru played aggressively and obtained 18 crucial points. LOC and Reckoning also did well, acquiring 12 and 11 points respectively.

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