BGIS 2024 Wildcard Day 1 Group 1: Overall standings, highlights, and more

Group 1 of BGIS Wildcard played on May 30 (Image via BGMI)
Group 1 of BGIS Wildcard played on May 30 (Image via BGMI)

Carnival Gaming claimed first place in Day 1 Group 1 of the BGIS 2024 Wildcard after their three matches. The Omega-led lineup collected 41 points, including 27 finishes. Rivalry Esports also had a good day, securing second rank with 40 points. 7Shore was behind them in third with 31 points. These three teams clinched one Chicken Dinner each.

Team Forever, led by Owais, had an average start to the BGIS Wildcard as they finished sixth with only 17 points. PL Dominators and JUX achieved 16 and 14 points, respectively. Revenant Esports had a disappointing run as the experienced squad gained only 10 points. TWOB and Seven Hours grabbed five points each. These teams will play their remaining three matches of the Wildcard in the coming days.

BGIS 2024 Wildcard Group 1 highlights


Group 1 overall standings after three matches (Image via BGMI)
Group 1 overall standings after three matches (Image via BGMI)
  1. Carnival Gaming - 41 points
  2. Rivalry Esports - 40 points
  3. 7Shore - 31 points
  4. Tribe Hirdmen - 23 points
  5. Team UP50 - 17 points
  6. Team Forever - 17 points
  7. PL Dominators - 16 points
  8. JUX Esports - 14 points
  9. Akrobotz - 12 points
  10. Revenant Esports - 10 points
  11. Livecraft - 9 points
  12. Rising Falcon - 9 points
  13. Hail India - 8 points
  14. R4W Official - 7 points
  15. TWOB - 5 points
  16. Seven Hours - 5 points

Match 1 - Erangel

Rivalry Esports made a stunning start to the Wildcard and notched up a 20-point Chicken Dinner in the first encounter. Their players Arto and Bijlu claimed four and three kills, respectively.

Carnival Gaming took an aggressive approach and managed 10 points, of which nine were collected from eliminations. Akshat and Goblins from the lineup were impressive with five and four kills, respectively. Revenant and Team Forever were eliminated earlier with only two points each.

Match 2 - Miramar

7Shore Esports emerged victorious in the second battle of the BGIS Wildcard with 19 points thanks to their member Tiger’s four kills. Rivalry yet again performed their task perfectly and added 14 points to their hand.

Arto from the lineup continued his brilliant run and took five frags. MJ led Team Forever to ensure 13 crucial points. Carnival Gaming acquired eight points, including five frags. Their captain Omega picked up four eliminations. Revenant got seven points.

Match 3 - Erangel

Carnival Gaming earned a commanding 23-point victory in their third match of the BGIS Wildcard. Omega and Neyo dismissed five and four players, respectively. PL Dominators and Tribe Hiromen garnered 14 and 13 points, respectively. Akrobotz and Rising Falcons achieved eight and seven points. Revenant once again faced failure and was knocked out with only one point.

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