BGMI launch date on iOS devices unclear but Battlegrounds Mobile India final version APK expected to release soon

Battlegrounds Mobile India final version is expected to be released soon
Battlegrounds Mobile India final version is expected to be released soon

Battlegrounds Mobile India's (BGMI) Early Access was released earlier this month to Android users, enabling the Indian PUBG Mobile community to finally experience the game after enduring months of anticipation. Additionally, the option for data transfer allows these players to retrieve their items from the previous application.

This version has received a great deal of response from players as the slots have been filled to capacity. The developers then decided to open it up to everyone. Furthermore, all the progress will be carried over to the final version.

A number of questions remain unanswered by developers even after the release of the Early Access version, notably the launch date and availability on iOS devices.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) final version APK expected soon

The developers haven’t revealed anything about the game’s launch for iOS devices. Since the support section still states the same.

Several influencers and professional players have shared their thoughts and opinions on the final release of Battlegrounds Mobile India and its availability on iOS platforms. This suggests that the game could be released soon.

Ocean Sharma, one of his live streams, was quoted the following:

“As far as I’ve heard, Battlegrounds Mobile India will be available to everyone for all the devices in the next month.”

(Timestamp: 3:07 to 3:20)

On the other hand, Hrishav, founder of “WAR MANIA ESPORTS,” quoted this about BGMI’s final version:

“The game would be coming out before or on July 12th, which is also the date when the next season would be released.”

About the release on iOS devices, he said that:

“On the day of the final release, BGMI would be made available for the iOS platform.”

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Ghatak's tweet
Ghatak's tweet

After the BGMI Early Access was dropped on June 17th, Ghatak had said in a Tweet that the iPhone users would have to only a bit longer for the game. While Ocean Sharma tweeted out that “And iOS users, it’s just around the corner.”

Gamexpro, aka Ravi Rawat, in one of his Tweets on June 25th, claimed that Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official launch was just a week away. The tweet further read he had no idea of the game’s availability on iOS devices.

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