BGMI star Jonathan declines offer to play in the PMWI: Afterparty Showdown from 7Sea, citing coordination issues

BGMI star Jonathan will not be a part of PMWI: Afterparty Showdown (Image via Sportskeeda)
BGMI star Jonathan will not be a part of PMWI: Afterparty Showdown (Image via Sportskeeda)

Popular BGMI content creator and GodLike Esports' owner, Chetan "Kronten" Chandgude, recently went live on his Instagram handle and mentioned some shocking news. He said that the ace assaulter, Jonathan, was approached by 7Sea Esports to join them as a loan player in the forthcoming PMWI: Afterparty Showdown, but the star rejected the proposal without any second thoughts.

Since both Kronten and Jonathan are followed by millions of fans in the Indian community, Kronten's words have created a huge buzz amongst players and fans of the game.

Kronten comments on why BGMI star Jonathan rejected 7Sea Esports's proposal to join their team in the PMWI: Afterparty Showdown

Kronten was doing an Instagram Live in which he talked about 7Sea offering Jonathan a spot on their roster in the upcoming PMWI: Afterparty Showdown. However, Jonathan declined the invitation, citing coordination issues.


Kronten mentioned that officials from 7Sea Esports approached Jonathan on the night they won the BGMI Showdown LAN event and confirmed their participation in the forthcoming PMWI: Afterparty Showdown. However, they were turned down by the star performer as he feared that his inclusion might negatively impact the team's performance.

Kronten added that Jonathan was someone who wanted to win trophies, and this would not be possible without proper synergy among teammates. This was allegedly the reason behind Jonathan rejecting 7Sea's invitation.

According to Kronten, Jonathan preferred sticking to the main lineup of GodLike Esports and wanted to participate in future international events by qualifying with the team, similar to what happened during the PUBG Mobile Global Championships 2021 Grand Finals.

The GodLike honcho also talked about the news of BGMI becoming available in the country before India's Independence Day. Fans are eagerly waiting for Krafton and the Indian government to inform them about news related to the game's ban.

7Sea Esports lineup for the upcoming PMWI: Afterparty Showdown

7Sea Esports recently announced their roster for the forthcoming PMWI: Afterparty Showdown. The five-man roster consists of some popular names, and they definitely have the potential to emerge as the winners of the event. The players are:

  1. Aladin
  2. Sarang
  3. Scout
  4. Madman
  5. SprayGod

The side loaned Madman from Team 8bit before the recently concluded BGMI Showdown LAN event and managed to win the tournament. The player will continue to be with the team in the upcoming international event.

Meanwhile, Scout is reportedly the most experienced Indian player on the international circuit. His inclusion will enhance the performance of the side. The superstar's immense popularity will also help the team garner a lot of support.

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