GodL Jonathan's BGMI ID, stats, rank, YouTube income, and more details (July 2022)

Jonathan is one of the most endearing BGMI athletes in the country (Image via Sportskeeda)
Jonathan is one of the most endearing BGMI athletes in the country (Image via Sportskeeda)

Jonathan Jude Amaral is regarded as one of the finest BGMI players. His prowess as an assaulter is unmatched in the entire community.

Currently plying his trade for GodLike Esports, the pro's accurate sprays and enemy spotting skills have helped him rise through the ranks and reach the pinnacle.

He is also a popular streamer as thousands flock to watch his livestreams on YouTube, LOCO, and Rooter. His streams are full of fun content, and Jonathan interacts with his audience, teaching them tips on improving their gameplay.

Details about popular YouTuber Jonathan and his performances in BGMI


Jonathan is a cult figure in the Indian gaming community and has a huge fanbase. Fans across the country regularly search for his in-game ID so that they can send him friend requests and popularity gifts.

They can use the code 5112616229 to find their favorite superstar's profile. They can also use his popular in-game name (IGN), GxdLJONATHAN16, to search for his profile.

However, followers need to remember that Jonathan keeps changing his IGN from time to time.

Seasonal stats and rank

With less than two weeks for the season to end, Jonathan has posited himself in the Ace tier with 4472 total points.

BGMI pro Jonathan's stats in the ongoing Cycle 2 Season 6 (Image via Krafton)
BGMI pro Jonathan's stats in the ongoing Cycle 2 Season 6 (Image via Krafton)

Jonathan has participated in 85 classic matches in the TPP Squad mode and won 35 Chicken Dinners in the ongoing season. He has helped his squad reach the top ten in 75 games.

The internet sensation has managed 105761.6 total damage with an average damage of 1244.3. Furthermore, he has maintained an astonishing F/D ratio of 7.24 and has outclassed 615 enemies in total.

However, Jonathan's insane assaulting skills are reflected in his headshot percentage of 16.4. He also boasts an average survival time of 10.6 minutes (which is praiseworthy as he mostly plays the new Core Circle mode).

Moreover, 22 most finishes and 3562 damage dealt in a single match remains his best performance in the ongoing C2S6.

Note: Jonathan's stats were jotted down while writing this article and can change over time.

YouTube income

Jonathan has placed himself amongst the most popular BGMI users in the country. His popularity is reflected in his YouTube channel stats, as it currently has over 4.35 million subscribers, which positions him among India's top gaming YouTubers.

Based on the stats provided by Social Blade, Jonathan has generated revenue between $2.5K and $39.2K in the last 30 days from his popular YouTube channel. He has also accumulated more than 130K subscribers in this period, which is insane considering that he does not stream regularly.

BGMI Masters Series performance

The ongoing BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) LAN event has become the talk of the town as it is the first tournament to be telecast on television. Jonathan is playing as the primary assaulter for GodLike Esports. Although the side is yet to live up to fans' expectations, Jonathan has consistently featured on the MVP list.

Based on the stats provided by Nodwin Gaming, Jonathan has contributed over 40 kills and has 46 percent of GodLike Esports' total kills.

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