5 best BGMI players in India (2022)

5 best BGMI players in India (2022)
5 best BGMI players in India (2022)
Analyzing BGMI players according to their performance in 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Analyzing BGMI players according to their performance in 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)

The rise in BGMI's popularity can be credited to the growth of the game's esports scenario in the last few months. Thousands of fans watch live streams of tournaments on a daily basis and cheer for their favorite superstars who battle it out against other top players in the country to win silverware.

As of March 2022, many new faces have emerged on the scene who have made a name for themselves, showcasing great gameplay constantly. However, some veterans still show why they are the ones to watch out for. Here are the best BGMI players of 2022:

The best BGMI players who have turned heads in 2022

1) Jonathan

Jonathan is reportedly India's best BGMI player. He is posited amongst the greats of the game because of his fragging skills and consistency in tournaments. His name is a constant feature in the MVP winner category that has separated him from others.

His laser-like sprays and minute spotting skills have helped him perform great in the PMGC 2021 and third-party tournaments organized throughout the year for GodLike Esports.

2) Akshat

Akshat first broke into the esports scene playing for Team 8bit. His brilliant fragging skills saw him joining Chemin Esports and then Team Soul, both big organizations. In the new Soul lineup, Akshat plays the role of the main assaulter.

However, his survival skills till the end zone have helped him posit himself amongst the best in the game. With multiple Top Fragger and Tournament MVP awards to his name, Akshat has already silenced his critics with his gameplay.

3) Ninja JOD

Representing Team Solo Mid (TSM), Subham Ranjan "NinjaJOD" is one of the best young talents on the Indian esports circuit. Along with his teammates, NinjaJOD is known to create rampages in BGMI tournaments and scrims.

His fragging skills are great in all ranges, from short to long, making him one of the hottest prospects. He was the only player to win three back-to-back MVP awards in the BGIS 2021 quarter-final stages.

Since then, he has been featured on the top fraggers list in almost every tournament he has played.

4) Snax

Raj "Snax" is a renowned name in the Indian gaming community. He is known for his humble nature in real life and is a beast assaulter in the game. Regarded as the "DP King," Snax is known to be the best BGMI player to use DP 28 burst fires with impeccable accuracy.

He played a crucial role in Team XO's win in the Upthrust Esports India Rising 2022 and Skyesports Grand Slam 2022.

5) Saumraj

In 2022, Saumraj has emerged as one of the finest IGLs in the Battlegrounds Mobile esports tournaments.

His crucial calls led SkyLightz Gaming to a win at BGIS 2021, where he also bagged the Rampage Freak and Lone Ranger awards. Furthermore, he led GodLike Esports to their only 'Chicken Dinner' at PMGC 2021.

Saumraj has also shown his grenade and assaulting skills in regular tournaments, making him one of the most sought-after players in the community.

These BGMI players displayed immense skill throughout the year across different BGMI tournaments - LAN and online. They have also been pivotal in their team's success across these tournaments. From Jonathan to Saumraj, every player on the list is a game changer in himself.

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