BGMI C2S6 Season rewards, end date, tier reset, and more

The new Cycle 2 Season 6 is now available in BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)
The new Cycle 2 Season 6 is now available in BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)

Major updates in BGMI are generally accompanied by the introduction of a new season in the game. The new season resets the leaderboards and encourages players to push their ranks again.

Following the immense success of Cycle 2 Season 5, which was themed around Holi Dhamaka, the new Evangelion-themed C2S6 has made its way into the game.

Everything that BGMI players need to know about the new C2S6

Despite the 2.0 update beginning to roll out on Android and iOS devices on 13 May, the new season in the game was introduced much later. Players and fans across the country got to witness the introduction of the new Cycle 2 Season 6, along with the Month 11 'Hidden Hunters' Royale Pass, on 19 May at 5.30 am IST.


Following the norm of previous seasons, the introduction of the C2S6 resulted in the in-game tiers of the ranked mode getting reset. This has prompted rank pushers to once again begin their quest to reach the top and get their names featured on the leaderboard.

Furthermore, since each season in the game has a tenure of eight weeks, the new season will continue till mid-July, and the upcoming Cycle 2 Season 7 will appear in the game between 13 July and 15 July.

What are the new C2S6 tier rewards that are available for BGMI players?

Like C2S5, the introduction of the new Cycle 2 Season 6 has brought along with it several new tier rewards that players can get their hands on. Obtaining these tier rewards will help players expand their in-game inventory.


Here's a look at the list of tier rewards added in the new C2S6:

  • Conqueror: C2S6 Conqueror Title, C2S6 Conqueror Name Tag, 1200 Season Tokens, Conqueror exclusive team-up special effect
  • Ace Dominator: C2S6 Ace Dominator Avatar, C2S6 Ace Dominator Name Tag, C2S6 Ace Dominator Title, 1000 Season Tokens, Ace Dominator exclusive team-up special effect
  • Ace Master: C2S6 Ace Master Cover, C2S6 Ace Master Name Tag, C2S6 Ace Master Title, 1000 Season Tokens, Ace Master exclusive team-up special effect
  • Ace: C2S6 Ace Mask, C2S6 Ace Name Tag, C2S6 Ace Title, 1000 Season Tokens, Ace exclusive team-up special effect
  • Crown: 3 Rating Protection Card, C2S6 Crown Name Tag, 800 Season Tokens, Crown exclusive team-up special effect
  • Diamond: MG3 skin, 800 Season Tokens
  • Platinum: C2S6 Glasses. 500 Season Tokens
  • Gold: C2S6 Set, 400 Season Tokens
  • Silver: 1 Classic Crate Coupon, 350 Season Tokens
  • Bronze: 1 Supply Crate Coupon, 300 Season Tokens

The new Cycle 2 Season 6 in BGMI has also seen a change in the tier system. The bronze tier now has only two sub-tiers, while the silver tier has four sub-tiers. This breaks away from the previous norm of having each tier contain five sub-tiers.

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