Best BGMI map for rank push in C2S5

Exploring Erangel to earn more points for rank push (Image via Sportskeeda)
Exploring Erangel to earn more points for rank push (Image via Sportskeeda)

BGMI offers its players six classic mode maps to engage in rank push in the new Cycle 2 Season 5. Since the new season has already begun on March 22, several players have already started grinding in the game.

However, players who are yet to begin pushing their ranks this season can choose Erangel as it has several features that are better than other maps. It also serves as the favorite map for the top players in the game.

Citing reasons why Erangel is the best BGMI map for rank push in C2S5

1) Presence of the recall feature


The introduction of the Holi Dhamaka theme mode on BGMI's Erangel map has seen the incorporation of the recall feature. The feature was a huge hit amongst players when it was previously added to the Spider-Man mode and the Jujutsu Kaisen mode.

The recall feature helps one get a second life, enabling them to display a more aggressive gameplay. Players once dead can be recalled by their surviving teammates using the recall tower present across Erangel.

This makes the practice of rank pushing easier as players can survive longer and get more points from a match.

2) Better knowledge of the map and easier matchmaking


Erangel was the first map to be introduced in BGMI. As a result, it is inevitable that the map will be ingrained in the back of players' minds. Furthermore, it is the only map that comes pre-downloaded in the 1.9 update. Hence, most rank pushers are seen treading on the battlegrounds of Erangel.

With a more competitive lobby, rank pushers who are in search of squadmates can easily match up with random players who are devoted towards the same cause. Together, they can easily climb through the tiers.

3) Even distribution of loot


Looting stands as the first pillar on which the "survival of the fittest mode" stands. Several big cities as well as small compounds are scattered across the map that contain good loot.

Rank pushers can drop into such compounds and get hold of the initial loot. Vehicles are also present in garages and crossroads, which can help rank pushers rotate into safe zones easily.

4) Decent cover


BGMI players who make proper use of covers have performed better and survived longer during rank push. Different buildings, vehicles, trees, and hay stacks are present on the map, which makes Erangel one of the best maps for survival. Furthermore, players can snake in the last zone if it is in the open, without the fear of getting spotted easily.

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