BGMI Superboys vs Supergirls tournament: Schedule, streamers, details, and more

Krafton has announced a new BGMI tournament
Krafton has announced a new BGMI tournament

BGMI today announced another fun event. Dubbed Superboys vs Supergirls, the event will feature fan-favorite teams that will include creators like Dynamo, Jonathan, Payal, and Kaash.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India event will feature male and female teams who will face off against each other for the ultimate title.

The BGMI tournament feature streamers like Kash, Jonathan, Payal Gaming, and Dynamo
The BGMI tournament feature streamers like Kash, Jonathan, Payal Gaming, and Dynamo

Superboys vs Supergirls is scheduled to start on 29 September and will culminate on 30 September. The tournament will be streamed live on the official YouTube and Facebook channels of Battlegrounds Mobile India every matchday from 4 pm.

Fans will hope to see their favorite creators and players going toe to toe in this fun event. The viewership of this tournament will also be interesting to witness.

The event is all set to begin on 29 September
The event is all set to begin on 29 September

BGMI esports has seen a pause recently

The first major open BGMI tournament, the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021, has been delayed. BGMI officials had earlier opened the registrations for the BGIS 2021 on 19 July. The registration period was then indefinitely increased till 30 July.

Post that, the officials haven't made any announcements.

Recently, the BGMI pro for GodLike Esports, Ghatak, explained the reason for the delay in BGIS 2021. He stated that officials had to postpone the event due to the increase in the number of cheaters in BGMI. The player added that the officials were fixing the cheater issue to the best of their abilities.

Other esports players and content creators, including Mortal, Jonathan, and Scout, have also voiced their concern against the rampant cheating happening in BGMI.

These creators have stated that the game isn't fun to play anymore and that if the cheating issue isn't resolved soon, the game might die with players leaving due to frustration stemmed from being killed by hackers.

Although BGMI officials have been publishing reports every week detailing the cheaters and hackers banned, their efforts all seem futile as the number of cheaters appears to be increasing with each passing day.

All parties involved, including players, officials, and fans, will be hoping for a swift resolution to the cheating menace, so everyone gets to play in a fair gaming environment.

BGMI, to date, has organized two competitive/fun events. Dubbed the Launch Party and the India Ki After Party, these events have successfully garnered views and set new records. BGMI will be hoping to emulate the same success with their latest event.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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