BGMI YouTuber Paras Official allegedly assaulted by 8 people over "YT video," requests administration for support

BGMI content creator Paras Sing was brutally beaten up (Image via Sportskeeda)
BGMI content creator Paras Sing was brutally beaten up (Image via Sportskeeda)

Video content creation is one of the most popular professions in battle royale games like BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), Free Fire, and more. While most content creators get a good reception from the audience, some are unfortunate enough to face the negativity of toxic fans.

BGMI gamers were shocked when a gang of thugs brutally beat up noted YouTuber Paras Singh. In his latest video, the content creator from Punjab showed his fans how cruelly a group of eight people assaulted him due to a video of his regarding popularity.

BGMI YouTuber Paras Singh beaten up by brutes

Paras Singh uploaded a video today, 11 April 2022, to his YouTube channel, Paras Official, seeking justice for what happened to him. His channel has a subscriber count of over 800K.


Players were taken aback when they saw the pitiable state of the Punjab-based BGMI content creator. He later explained that all the bones on his nose were broken, along with one of his hands and one of his legs.

Paras recounted how it all started over a popularity-related video that he uploaded to his channel. He narrated how despite merely stating the facts and not badmouthing anyone in the video, he somehow managed to irk some viewers.

He later received a threatening phone call but did not pay much heed to it. However, two days later (this morning at 6:00 am IST), eight people came to his house with iron rods and weapons and beat him up quite brutally.

Paras uploaded his latest video seeking support from his fans and justice from the government. He asked supporters to reach out to Punjab police so that the assaulters could be duly punished for their crimes.

The popular YouTuber has already filed a complaint with the police and is awaiting their response. For now, he has shifted to a different house to stay safe.

After watching his latest video, popular YouTubers like Legend X, AQSA YT, Gaming With Mighty, and Cool Gaming showered him with support and wished him well. Many of his supporters have also shown solidarity and hope that justice will be served.

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