"Even if I want to, I cannot afford to have Daljit on my team": Scout on adding Daljit to Team X Spark's BGMI lineup

BGMI star Scout denies Daljit
BGMI star Scout denies Daljit's inclusion in Team X Spark (Image via Sportskeeda)

On March 14, 2023, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports star and streamer Tanmay "Scout" Singh hosted a YouTube livestream where he played CS:GO with his friend Daljit and others.

During the livestream, Scout addressed the possibility of him adding Daljit to his Team X Spark lineup. In response, he stated that Daljit is currently bound to a contract that restricts him from joining any other organization as a Battlegrounds Mobile India esports player.


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Scout then joked about how Daljit has a high standard and earns such a hefty salary that he cannot afford to provide him with the same benefits at Team X Spark.

He said:

"Daljit is under contract and even if it wasn't so, we don't have much money to afford him. Daljit is currently at a high standard and has a salary of one lakh rupees. Even if I want to, I cannot afford to have Daljit on my team. I am a poor person."

Daljit responded by saying that Scout was only joking and that he didn't really charge a lot of money. He added that he could not join Team X Spark as he is contracted to another BGMI esports team.

BGMI pro and Team X Spark co-owner Scout denies offering salaries to his players

In the same livestream, Scout spoke about how Team X Spark does not give its players any salary. However, it does provide them with other unspecified benefits.

He said:

"I think TX is the only team that does not offer salaries to their players. I think it's the only organization in India. We provide players with other things that greatly benefit them and they learn how to survive and grow on their own."

Considering Scout and Daljit are pioneers in the BGMI esports and gaming community, it’s no surprise that their conversation has garnered a lot of attention from fans.

For those unaware, Scout and Daljit were a part of the Orange Rock esports lineup that finished second in the PUBG Mobile World League Season 0: East in 2020.

It remains to be seen if Daljit will play with Scout again once Battlegrounds Mobile India returns to the Indian market.

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