5 best BGMI teams in India (2022)

Assessing the performance of BGMI teams in 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Assessing the performance of BGMI teams in 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)

In the last few months, BGMI has witnessed a staggering increase in its popularity. This could be accredited to a rise in the esports scenario, which has seen millions of fans flock to YouTube and LOCO to catch a glimpse of their favorite superstars fighting it out in tournaments and scrims.

While some teams have succumbed to the pressure of the tournaments, a few have played exceedingly well. With BMOC set to begin in April 2022, it becomes necessary to know which teams can make their mark in the upcoming tournaments based on their performance in the past few months.

Top 5 BGMI teams who have performed well in esports tournaments in 2022


1) Team XO

Team XO has been the epitome of consistency in Battlegrounds Mobile India tournaments and scrims. Following their third-placed finish in BGIS, the team added Snax to the roster, and since then, there has been no looking back. Their recent wins in Upthurst Esports India Rising 2022 and Skyesports Grand Slam 2022 have posited them as the team to beat in the tournaments.


  • Sensei (IGL)
  • Punkk (Assaulter)
  • Snax (All-round player)
  • Immortal (Support player)
  • Fierce (Assaulter)

2) TSM

TSM FTX India is considered one of the most aggressive teams in the BGMI esports scenario. The four players create a rampage when they tread on the battlegrounds. 33 kills in a single match in BGIS showcased their attacking prowess.

After finishing second in BGIS, their win in OR Championship - Legends Rise 2022 cemented their position amongst the best teams in the country.


  • ShadowOG (IGL)
  • NinjaJOD (Assaulter)
  • Blaze (Assaulter)
  • Aquanox (Support player)

3) Team SouL

Team SouL is one of the biggest names on the Battlegrounds Mobile India esports circuit. Although it has been years since Mortal, Viper, Owais, and Ronak lifted the inaugural trophy of PUBG Mobile, the team has not lost its fanbase and has rapidly increased on a daily basis.

The new roster was built after BGIS 2021 and has seen an incredible rise in the team's performance as their gun power has improved massively over time. Akshat has continuously featured on the MVP list while the team has also won trophies in 2022.


  • Omega (IGL)
  • Akshat (Assaulter)
  • Goblin (Assaulter)
  • Hector (Support player)

4) Skylightz Gaming

Skylightz Gaming is one of the most consistent teams in BGMI esports. Since BGMI was released last year, the team has performed consistently in tournaments and scrims. However, their win in BGIS 2021 in January highlighted why they are a force to be reckoned with.


  • Saumraj (IGL)
  • Pukar (Assaulter)
  • Gamlaboy (Assaulter)
  • Vexe (Assaulter)

5) GodLike Esports

GodLike Esports has a massive fan following. The team consists of superstars of BGMI who display aggressive gameplay in every tournament they play. GodLike was the first team to represent India in the PMGC 2021.

Repetitive Top 5 finishes, along with most team kills, in multiple tournaments have posited GodLike amongst the best teams in 2022. Furthermore, Jonathan's consecutive MVP titles are also a highlight of the team's firepower.


  • Clutchgod (IGL)
  • Jonathan (Assaulter)
  • Zgod (Support player)
  • Neyoo (Assaulter)
  • Gill (All-round player)

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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