Galaxy Racer reveals new BGMI roster

Galaxy Racer announces new BGMI roster (Image via Galaxy Racer India)
Galaxy Racer announces new BGMI roster (Image via Galaxy Racer India)

After the recent controversy involving the BGMI lineup of Galaxy Racer India, with the organization benching three of their players, Galaxy Racer on October 3 announced their new lineup.

The announcement was made through the various social media handles of Galaxy Racer India. Welcoming the new lineup, the Galaxy Racer stated that they were excited about the new roster and thanked the fans for their continued support.

Galaxy Racer BGMI roster: Skrillzz, MJ, Seervi and Ted

Here is Galaxy Racer's new BGMI esports team:

1) Ted (Manmeet Singh)

2) Seervi (Naresh Kumar)

3) MJ (Harshit Mahajan)

4) Skrillzz (Prajwal)

GXR has signed three new players in Ted, Seervi, and Skrillzz, while MJ, who joined last year, continues to remain on the roster.

Ted and Seervi are two excellent assaulters who have proved their mettle in the PUBGM/BGMI scene time and again. Having tons of experience at both domestic and international levels, Seervi will serve as the IGL of the team, with his skills rivaling the best in the country. To add to that, Seervi is an excellent assaulter and capable of winning most of his 1v1 duels.

Ted is a star assaulter and has proved his worth numerous times by featuring in various tournaments' top fragger's list. His combined efforts with MJ, the clutch machine of the team, will provide the roster with much-needed firepower.

Ted and Seervi recently left Red Owl Gaming and have since been seen playing under the GXR name tag, prompting Sportskeeda's report about the duo joining the squad. The addition of Skrillzz might come as a surprise to many as prior to his entry into GXR he was in Team Tamilas

An excellent all-around player, Skrillzz will provide the team with the required balance by supporting the main assaulters while still fragging with his insane skills. Although somewhat new in the BGMI scene, Skrillzz is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

It would be intriguing to see how the roster fares in the upcoming BGMI tournament. However, the fate of the benched and inactive players in Galaxy Racer, Owais, Roxx, Ultron, and MaxKash remains unknown, although they have been spotted practicing with other squads.

It remains to be seen if the Galaxy Racers will release those players or keep them until the end of their contracts.

Edited by R. Elahi
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