Gladiators Esports reveals their BGMI lineup

Gladiators Esports announces their BGMI roster (Image via Gladiators)
Gladiators Esports announces their BGMI roster (Image via Gladiators)

Gladiators Esports made their BGMI debut on June 9, 2023, by signing three former Chemin Esports players, DeltaPG, Destro, and Justin. Apart from these seasoned athletes, the Hyderabad-based organization added an underdog, Shogun, to their squad. The ongoing Skyesports Champions Series is their first tournament, where the lineup has directly been seeded in the Semifinals.

The lineup, under the team name Destro, participated in the Nodwin BGMI Pro Scrims, where they captured third position and received ₹80,000 in prize money. The newly-established firm will aim to garner remarkable results in their upcoming competitions with this strong unit.

Gladiators Esports BGMI players

  • Ammar "Destro" Khan
  • "Justin" Nadar
  • Parth "DeltaPG" Garg
  • Pawan "Shogun" Kumar

The combination of three experienced and one rising player looks promising and is expected to prove a formidable opponent against several big clubs. These veterans have already proven their sensational abilities in several tournaments and will use their coordinated gameplay to achieve respectable results in their upcoming major contests.

Justin, who used to play for Team Pahadi Gaming, recently exhibited his phenomenal gameplay in the BGMI Rising and was awarded the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title. During this Launch Party tournament, he eliminated 12 players in a single match, and several prominent players appreciated him for his magnificent show. He came into the limelight last year while playing for Chemin Esports and, within five months, became a rising star.

Destro is a well-known figure in the community, as he has competed under several prestigious organizations. Khan started his esports career in 2019 and came to light when Umumba Esports recruited him in January 2020. He then joined Scout-owned Team Xspark and secured the PMCO India Fall 2020 title. He played for OR Esports for about six months in 2021. He then joined Skylightz Gaming and surprisingly claimed the grand BGIS Season 1 trophy under the banner.

DeltaPG's consistent performance makes him one of the unique talents in BGMI esports. He presented an exceptional job in the Master Series 2022 and has provided excellent support to his team in several events. Meanwhile, the underdog Shogun will look to learn from his experienced teammates and aim to earn a name for himself.

BGMI relaunched about two weeks ago, and three third-party tournaments are already over. Several events have already been scheduled for the upcoming weeks, providing a good platform for these teams.

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