MortaL names Jonathan as best the BGMI player and Omega as his favorite

BGMI pro mentions Jonathan and Omega as top players in India (Image via Sportskeeda)
BGMI pro Mortal mentioned Jonathan and Omega as top players in India in a recent livestream (Image via Sportskeeda)

On December 3, popular BGMI player and YouTuber Naman "MortaL" Mathur conducted a PMGC 2022 watch party on his YouTube channel. Popular creators like Viper, LilyLiveGaming, and MrJayPlays were present in the broadcast as well.

During the livestream, MortaL answered a lot of questions, including his views on his favorite BGMI player in India and also who's the best in the country. While he gave Jonathan's name as the answer to the second question, he named Omega as his favorite player.

Since MortaL, Jonathan, and Omega have a huge fan following of their own, MortaL's comments have created a great buzz in the Indian gaming community.

MortaL shares his views on Jonathan and Omega as BGMI players


MortaL referred to Jonathan as a reply to a question regarding the best BGMI player in India. He mentioned that the latter has become the MVP in most tournaments over the years, and has proved himself in the top-tier consistently over the years.

His exact words were:

"Speaking of the best in India, the one who has proved the most is Jonathan. He has become MVP in most tournaments. He is a great player."

Both Lily and MrJay said that they were expecting MortaL to mention Jonathan as the latter has created a legacy of his own. MrJay also mentioned that the comments in the chat section loved MortaL's reply and were spamming hearts.


Speaking of his favorite BGMI player, MortaL named Omega. According to him, Omega not only leads Team SouL (the team that MortaL owns) in matches, but also acts as a leader outside the game by controlling his young teammates.

His exact statement was:

"My personal favorite is Team SouL's IGL, Omega. This is because he scolds his teammates for their wrong doings, which I think, is very important. He controls the young players well, exactly like an owner. Also, Omega leads the boys outside the game as well, which makes him unique."

MortaL then went on to talk about his dissociation from the gaming reality show that he was previously a part of. He mentioned that during the last season of the show, he spent less time with respect to the other captains (Scout, CarryMinati, and Triggered Insaan) as he had prior engagements.

This led the officials of the show to replace him with another popular YouTuber, Ashish Chanchlani. However, he might be back in the upcoming seasons as he has only been kept on hold.

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