Redowl Gaming announces Battlegrounds Mobile India roster

Redowl Gaming Battlegrounds Mobile India roster
Redowl Gaming Battlegrounds Mobile India roster

With Battlegrounds Mobile India arriving in the coming week, Esports organizations and teams across the country are looking to get their rosters in line and pick the best players in the mobile gaming scene. Players with major Tier 1 experience are hard to come by these days, especially since most of the players are already being picked up by big organizations.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India

The latest among the long list of Esports organizations to announce their Battlegrounds Mobile India roster is Redowl Gaming. The organization recently announced its full roster.

Redowl Gaming Battlegrounds Mobile India roster:

1.) Seervi (Naresh Kumar)

2.) Viru (Viren Gour)

3.) Ted (Manmeet Singh

4.) 420op (Shivamm Raghav)

5.) Vashu (Vashu Bhardawaj)

The roster looks stacked on paper with the right amount of balance and experience. Seervi and Ted who were earlier a part of Team Synerge have competed at the top level and excelled in it.

Seervi is an excellent IGL and team leader who has proved himself on the national and international stage. He helped Team SynerGE secure a fourth-place finish in PMPL Season 1: League Stage. He also led the team quite well in the PMWL Season 0 East. Ted, on the other hand, is an excellent fragger and has continuously featured in the top fraggers list across various tournaments. Vashu was also part of Team Synerge and served as an excellent substitute whenever needed.

Viru, considered to be the lucky man for many teams, will also play a major role in Redowl Gaming. Earlier, part of Orange Rock Esports, he is also a top-level assaulter having helped his team secure a second-place finish in PMWL 2020.

420op is another excellent addition to the team; having the capability to IGL and assault simultaneously at the top level. He has been with numerous teams before Red owl, including XSpark, UMumba Esports, LightzOut Esports, and Team IND. He, along with his team Xspark won the PMCO: Fall Split 2020.

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